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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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  • Alyosha revered, Father Paissy himself, for instance.
  • Ah, an irreverent expression!
  • Father Paissy repeated austerely and reverently.
  • "Nevertheless I would rather bite out my tongue than be lacking in respect to the sainted man whom you reverence so highly," he wrote in conclusion.
  • All bent their heads reverently, and Maximov clasped his hands before him, with peculiar fervor.
  • His expression was one of unquestioning, but self-respecting, reverence.
  • Confession is a great sacrament, before which I am ready to bow down reverently; but there in the cell, they all kneel down and confess aloud.
  • Blessing them, the elder replied with as deep a reverence to them, and asked their blessing.
  • Your reverence," he cried, with sudden pathos, "you behold before you a buffoon in earnest!
  • I am an inveterate buffoon, and have been from birth up, your reverence, it’s as though it were a craze in me.
  • I’m like the philosopher, Diderot, your reverence.
  • "We must apologize most humbly, your reverence," began Miuesov, simpering affably, and speaking in a dignified and respectful tone.
  • Your reverence, am I to come in or not?
  • Your reverence, do you know who von Sohn was?
  • The minute I see my joke isn’t coming off, your reverence, both my cheeks feel as though they were drawn down to the lower jaw and there is almost a spasm in them.
  • Believe me, your reverence, I had no precise knowledge of the details that have just come to light, I was unwilling to believe them, and I learn for the first time….
  • Though the monk returned to the cell he was sharing with one of the brothers, in considerable perplexity of mind, he still cherished at heart a greater reverence for Father Ferapont than for Father Zossima.
  • He was reverenced during his lifetime as a crazy saint by all the pilgrims to the monastery.
  • But as he has just this minute insulted not only me, but an honorable young lady, for whom I feel such reverence that I dare not take her name in vain, I have made up my mind to show up his game, though he is my father….
  • In the reverend Father Zossima’s cell he was carried away by the unhappy dissension with his son, and let fall words which were quite out of keeping …. in fact, quite unseemly …. as"—he glanced at the monks—"your reverence is, no doubt, already aware.
  • At the same time there were some among those who had been hitherto reverently devoted to the elder, who were almost mortified and personally affronted by this incident.
  • Rakitin had commissioned the monk who brought his message "to inform most respectfully his reverence Father Paissy, that he, Rakitin, has a matter to speak of with him, of such gravity that he dare not defer it for a moment, and humbly begs forgiveness for his presumption."
  • As for the judges and the lawyers, they listened in reverent, almost shame-faced silence to Katerina Ivanovna.
  • And Alyosha needed no miracles at the time, for the triumph of some preconceived idea—oh, no, not at all—what he saw before all was one figure—the figure of his beloved elder, the figure of that holy man whom he revered with such adoration.
  • The boys surrounded it and remained reverently standing so, all through the service.
  • There’s no help for it, your reverence, you must make way for chemistry.
  • Of those visitors, many had been men of high rank and learning, some even freethinkers, attracted by curiosity, but all without exception had shown the profoundest reverence and delicacy, for here there was no question of money, but only, on the one side love and kindness, and on the other penitence and eager desire to decide some spiritual problem or crisis.
  • The first legend of the young officer sacrificing his last farthing in a noble impulse of generosity and doing reverence to virtue, or this other revolting picture?
  • "Besides its being honestly acquired from a ’sister,’ so highly respected and revered, do you know that now I can look after mamma and Nina, my hunchback angel daughter?
  • Give me your sweet little hand, angelic lady," she said tenderly, and with a sort of reverence took Katerina Ivanovna’s hand.
  • "This is from Kiev, Dmitri Fyodorovitch," she went on reverently, "from the relics of the Holy Martyr, Varvara.
  • Gentlemen, she is my betrothed!" he said ecstatically and reverently, looking round at them all.
  • "You see, gentlemen, I couldn’t bear the look of him, there was something in him ignoble, impudent, trampling on everything sacred, something sneering and irreverent, loathsome, loathsome.
  • Convey my deepest respect to the Father Superior, apologize for me, personally, Miuesov, to his reverence, telling him that I deeply regret that owing to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to have the honor of being present at his table, greatly as I should desire to do so," Miuesov said irritably to the monk.
  • In spite of his profound reverence for the memory of his deceased master, he yet bore witness that he had been unjust to Mitya and "hadn’t brought up his children as he should.
  • I wanted to fall at his feet in reverence, but I thought at once that he would take it only for my joy at the thought of Mitya’s being saved (and he certainly would have imagined that!

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  • Many fans revere Michael Jordan as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.
  • Richard Nixon did much to erode reverence for the presidency.

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