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The Brothers Karamazov
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as in: a minute amount Define
very, very small
  • The captain, as a military man, undertook to load it, putting in a minute quantity of powder.

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  • Don’t eat a lot of poppy seeds for a few days before a drug test. They have a minute amount of a chemical that can cause a false positive when testing for heroin use.
  • Even a minute amount of lead can be harmful to children.

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unspecified meaning
  • And Alyosha remembered his mother’s face at that minute.
  • "Excuse me, gentlemen, for leaving you a few minutes," he said, addressing all his guests.

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  • He only listened to Grigory’s minute and solemn account of the erection of the tomb; he stood with bowed head and walked away without uttering a word.
  • You are the principal person left now—for ten minutes.
  • Now, gentlemen, if you will wait a minute I will announce you.
  • The elder’s absence from his cell had lasted for about twenty-five minutes.
  • But there is a grief that breaks out, and from that minute it bursts into tears and finds vent in wailing.
  • This morning she insisted on my letting her stand up, and she stood up for a whole minute without any support.
  • Watch over your own deceitfulness and look into it every hour, every minute.
  • "But wait, wait a minute," Alyosha broke in uneasily.

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  • Standing still for a minute, he reached a final decision.
  • "Stay, Smerdyakov, be quiet a minute," cried Fyodor Pavlovitch once more.
  • And I’ll marry Grushenka in a minute if I want to.
  • Then he went into his bedroom, lay down on the bed, exhausted, and in one minute he was asleep.
  • Three or four ceased throwing for a minute.
  • He was a full minute bandaging it.
  • For mercy’s sake, don’t keep Alexey Fyodorovitch a minute.
  • Time was passing: the thought of his dying elder had not left Alyosha for one minute from the time he set off from the monastery.
  • "I’ll thrash him, sir, at once—this minute!"
  • He took the notes, and for a minute he was almost unable to answer, quite a new expression came into his face.
  • And you know she is laughing at me every minute.
  • I keep wondering why he took offense so suddenly, for I assure you, up to the last minute, he did not know that he was going to trample on the notes.
  • "But wait a minute, I’ll open the gate to you," cried Marya Kondratyevna.
  • And on the last day, Richard, perfectly limp, did nothing but cry and repeat every minute: ’This is my happiest day.
  • They beat for a minute, for five minutes, for ten minutes, more often and more savagely.
  • Ivan for a minute was silent, his face became all at once very sad.
  • He stands in the doorway and for a minute or two gazes into His face.
  • Dmitri’s entrance had taken no more than two minutes, and the conversation was resumed.
  • Fyodor Pavlovitch was silent again for two minutes.
  • Fyodor Pavlovitch waited another two minutes.
  • Yet he used sometimes to stop suddenly in the house, or even in the yard or street, and would stand still for ten minutes, lost in thought.
  • But she held it for two or three minutes near her lips, as though reconsidering something.
  • He was ten minutes telling his story.
  • He waked up for five minutes, sent his blessing to the brothers, and begged their prayers for him at night.
  • They beat for a minute, for five minutes, for ten minutes, more often and more savagely.
  • They beat for a minute, for five minutes, for ten minutes, more often and more savagely.
  • The minute I see my joke isn’t coming off, your reverence, both my cheeks feel as though they were drawn down to the lower jaw and there is almost a spasm in them.
  • Stay another minute!
  • And the worst of it was that though he did not know, up to the very last minute, that he would trample on the notes, he had a kind of presentiment of it, I am sure of that.
  • I only know one thing, that if it were repeated to-day, this minute, I should express the same feelings again as yesterday—the same feelings, the same words, the same actions.
  • After a few minutes, drawn by the same irresistible force, he turned again to see whether he was being looked at or not, and found Lise almost hanging out of her chair to peep sideways at him, eagerly waiting for him to look.
  • But as he has just this minute insulted not only me, but an honorable young lady, for whom I feel such reverence that I dare not take her name in vain, I have made up my mind to show up his game, though he is my father….
  • Ivan looked at him and stopped, and the fact that he did stop, instead of passing by, as he meant to the minute before, drove him to fury.
  • They did not speak for nearly a minute.
  • Here Fyodor Pavlovitch will get up directly and begin worrying me every minute, ’Has she come?
  • Ivan, in a sudden paroxysm, bit his lip, clenched his fists, and, in another minute, would have flung himself on Smerdyakov.
  • He put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my face tenderly, lovingly; he said nothing for a minute, only looked at me like that.
  • "Wait here a minute," I said to him.
  • I sat down and asked you to sit down, and for a whole minute I pondered.
  • Every day and every hour, every minute, walk round yourself and watch yourself, and see that your image is a seemly one.
  • I am expecting the messenger every minute.
  • And never, never, all his life long, could Alyosha forget that minute.
  • She only stayed a minute.
  • Standing still for a minute, he walked softly over the grass in the garden, avoiding the trees and shrubs.
  • But, at once, this very minute, and for ever.
  • Seven hundred, seven hundred, not five hundred, at once, this minute, cash down!
  • Almost a minute he stood, undecided.
  • "Yes, come what may—whatever may happen now, for one minute I’d give the whole world," he thought.
  • In another minute she might have cried.
  • He ran up every minute to kiss her hands, "each little finger," and finally he danced another dance to an old song, which he sang himself.
  • And to think how near I was to death at that minute, I went close up to him and he stretched out his neck to me!
  • "One minute, gentlemen, for God’s sake, one minute; I will run to her—"
  • "One minute, gentlemen, for God’s sake, one minute; I will run to her—"
  • Oh, in one minute you have given me new life, new heart!
  • "Allow me, gentlemen, allow me one minute more," interposed Mitya, putting his elbows on the table and covering his face with his hands.
  • Here he began, without being particularly urged, to give a minute account of the agonies of jealousy he endured on Grushenka’s account.
  • I remember to the last minute.
  • He could never, even a minute before, have conceived that any one could behave like that to him, Mitya Karamazov.
  • I did it with my fingers in one minute.
  • In another minute I shall be a prisoner, but now, for the last time, as a free man, Dmitri Karamazov offers you his hand.
  • It struck Mitya that in another minute this "boy" would take his arm, lead him to another corner, and renew their conversation about "girls."
  • We sat still for two minutes; he looked intently at me and suddenly smiled—I remembered that—then he got up, embraced me warmly and kissed me.
  • Even five minutes before his death, they said afterwards wonderingly, it was impossible to foresee it.
  • He went away and I sat ten minutes with Kuzma Kuzmitch and came back here again.
  • Only give me two minutes of free speech that I may just explain to you everything, the whole plan with which I have come.
  • It took him five minutes to reach the lighted window.
  • Twenty minutes had passed since he had run in.
  • Just ten minutes later Dmitri went in to Pyotr Ilyitch Perhotin, the young official with whom he had pawned his pistols.
  • About ten minutes passed like this.
  • Stay with me a minute.
  • He waited two minutes.
  • No, wait a minute….
  • Half an hour later the house was locked, and the crazy old man was wandering along through the rooms in excited expectation of hearing every minute the five knocks agreed upon.
  • He could not bear it for a minute, he put the pistol-case on a chest, and with a throbbing heart he walked, feeling cold all over, straight into the blue room to face the company.
  • Nikolay Parfenovitch suddenly got up, and informed Mitya firmly that it was his duty and obligation to conduct a minute and thorough search "of your clothes and everything else…."
  • He roused him with a sort of ferocity, pulled at him, pushed him, even beat him; but after five minutes of vain exertions, he returned to his bench in helpless despair, and sat down.
  • I wanted to see her for one minute only; I wanted to tell her that it has been washed away, it has gone, that blood that was weighing on my heart all night, and that I am not a murderer now!
  • Alyosha gazed for half a minute at the coffin, at the covered, motionless dead man that lay in the coffin, with the ikon on his breast and the peaked cap with the octangular cross, on his head.
  • And if only I could look upon him one little time, if only I could peep at him one little time, without going up to him, without speaking, if I could be hidden in a corner and only see him for one little minute, hear him playing in the yard, calling in his little voice, ’Mammy, where are you?’
  • But Kolya, seeing his dog’s passionate excitement, decided that it was a breach of discipline, kept him for another minute under the bench, and only when he had opened the door into the passage, whistled for him.
  • He had not to wait more than a minute before a rosy-cheeked boy of about eleven, wearing a warm, neat and even stylish coat, darted out to meet him.
  • In spite of his alarm about Ilusha, he had not, till lately, felt one minute’s doubt of his boy’s ultimate recovery.
  • For a minute they were silent again.
  • Kolya held him so for a minute.
  • "Like a fool, I went round to him just for a minute, on the way to see Mitya, for he is ill, too, my Pole," Grushenka began again with nervous haste.
  • He keeps on being irritable for a minute and then cheerful and then irritable again.
  • Wait a minute—how did it go?
  • Lise seemed extraordinarily impressed and for half a minute she was silent.
  • Ivan paused for half a minute.
  • The silence lasted for half a minute.
  • The silence lasted a whole long minute.
  • Smerdyakov seemed much exhausted, and again he was silent for a minute.
  • "I thought, too, for a minute, at the time, that you were reckoning on me as well," said Smerdyakov, with a sarcastic grin.
  • "Wait a minute," he said at last in a weak voice, and suddenly bringing up his left leg from under the table, he began turning up his trouser leg.
  • "Never for one minute have I taken you for reality," Ivan cried with a sort of fury.
  • "Not for one minute," cried Ivan furiously.
  • Fetyukovitch went on making the most of every opportunity, and amazed people more and more by his minute knowledge of the case.
  • Here Ippolit Kirillovitch drew a minute picture of Mitya’s preparations, the scene at Perhotin’s, at the shop, with the drivers.
  • Again there was silence for a minute.
  • "Old man, dear old man!" he exclaimed every minute, gazing at Ilusha.
  • He looked at them and a new idea seemed to dawn upon him, so that he apparently forgot his grief for a minute.
  • Let us wait a minute and then go back.
  • My little doves—let me call you so, for you are very like them, those pretty blue birds, at this minute as I look at your good dear faces.
  • He came, stayed five minutes, and went away.
  • He was only here five minutes.
  • Throughout the interview, which lasted twenty minutes, he kept complaining of headache and of pain in all his limbs.
  • The court was adjourned, but only for a short interval, a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes at most.
  • Then he jumped back into the garden and spent five minutes over the man, trying to discover whether he had killed him or not.
  • On the contrary, he would have broken his skull instead of spending five minutes looking after him.
  • Alyosha reflected that it was better to accede to the mamma’s request, or else she would be sending down to Lise’s room every minute that he was there.
  • Of course, it took only an instant, but you know a ray of light from the sun takes full eight minutes, and fancy in an evening suit and open waistcoat.
  • So passed two minutes.
  • And, I swear, I don’t remember that I laughed; it was quite the other way, I felt awfully sorry for him, in another minute I would have run up to take his part.
  • But only for a minute, and though it reminded him of something that must not be put off for a moment, some duty, some terrible obligation, even that reminder made no impression on him, did not reach his heart and instantly faded out of his mind and was forgotten.
  • Half-way, Snegiryov suddenly stopped, stood still for half a minute, as though struck by something, and suddenly turning back to the church, ran towards the deserted grave.
  • But while the maid went to take his name in to Lise, Madame Hohlakov heard of his arrival from some one, and immediately sent to beg him to come to her "just for one minute."
  • A minute passed.
  • At one minute he stretched out his hand to support the head of the coffin and only hindered the bearers, at another he ran alongside and tried to find a place for himself there.
  • Wait a minute.
  • Wait a minute.
  • It may be pretty certainly assumed that she herself did not know till the very last minute whether she would speak of that episode in the court, and waited for the inspiration of the moment.
  • Almost from the first minute at Mokroe he saw that his invincible rival was perhaps by no means so invincible, that the toast to their new-found happiness was not desired and would not be acceptable.
  • She arrived only five minutes before Pyotr Ilyitch, so that his story came, not as his own surmise and theory, but as the direct confirmation, by a witness, of the theory held by all, as to the identity of the criminal (a theory he had in the bottom of his heart refused to believe till that moment).
  • But the boys stared at him, stared at him for a whole minute, and then all the staring eyes turned at once and were fastened upon Kolya, who was still scanning the audacious boy with disdainful composure.
  • But if I am so bloodthirsty and cruelly calculating that when I kill a man I only run back to find out whether he is alive to witness against me, why should I spend five minutes looking after my victim at the risk of encountering other witnesses?
  • The paragraph was very typical, and must have been a great shock to her, but, fortunately perhaps, she was unable to keep her mind fixed on any one subject at that moment, and so might race off in a minute to something else and quite forget the newspaper.
  • So on one side you see a complete absence of precaution, a man who has lost his head and run away in a fright, leaving that clew on the floor, and two minutes later, when he has killed another man, we are entitled to assume the most heartless and calculating foresight in him.
  • Remembering that night long afterwards, Ivan recalled with peculiar repulsion how he had suddenly got up from the sofa and had stealthily, as though he were afraid of being watched, opened the door, gone out on the staircase and listened to Fyodor Pavlovitch stirring down below, had listened a long while—some five minutes—with a sort of strange curiosity, holding his breath while his heart throbbed.
  • ") "I am always punctual myself, minute for minute, remembering that punctuality is the courtesy of kings…."
  • ") "I am always punctual myself, minute for minute, remembering that punctuality is the courtesy of kings…."
  • Every minute I close my eyes and see that it’s all nonsense, all nonsense."
  • Seeing Alyosha, Katerina Ivanovna said quickly and joyfully to Ivan, who had already got up to go, "A minute!
  • After a pause of two minutes, looking askance at his son, "Why, it was you got up all this monastery business.
  • I’ll stay another three minutes, five if you like," muttered Alyosha.
  • If you can waste another ten minutes on me, I’ll tell it to you."
  • Now she is gone, I can speak; will you give me the letter I sent you yesterday, dear Alexey Fyodorovitch—be quick, for mamma will be back in a minute and I don’t want—"
  • He raised his head, thought a minute, and began with enthusiasm: "Wild and fearful in his cavern Hid the naked troglodyte, And the homeless nomad wandered Laying waste the fertile plain.
  • If I choose to tear off my finery, I’ll tear it off at once, this minute," she cried in a resonant voice.
  • Here’s your money …. because I am in great need of them …. and I haven’t a minute, a minute to spare."
  • Here’s your money …. because I am in great need of them …. and I haven’t a minute, a minute to spare."
  • "Wait a minute," Protr Ilyitch intervened, listening and watching him uneasily, "you’d better go yourself and tell them.
  • ) "You know me now, a scoundrel, an avowed scoundrel, but let me tell you that I’ve never done anything before and never shall again, anything that can compare in baseness with the dishonor which I bear now at this very minute on my breast, here, here, which will come to pass, though I’m perfectly free to stop it.
  • I’ll come and see you again about it …. many times, indeed …. but now, that three thousand you so generously …. oh, that would set me free, and if you could to-day …. you see, I haven’t a minute, a minute to lose to-day—"
  • I’ll come and see you again about it …. many times, indeed …. but now, that three thousand you so generously …. oh, that would set me free, and if you could to-day …. you see, I haven’t a minute, a minute to lose to-day—"
  • "Oh, I’m only coming in for a minute.
  • I won’t stay more than a minute."
  • Don’t leave him alone for a minute!" she said, in a hurried whisper.
  • Mitya paused for a minute and said suddenly: "And how they worked it up at the trial!
  • But now let what might have been come true for one minute," she faltered, with a drawn smile, looking into his face joyfully again.
  • Fenardi really was called Fenardi, only he wasn’t an Italian but a Russian, and Mamsel Fenardi was a pretty girl with her pretty little legs in tights, and she had a little short skirt with spangles, and she kept turning round and round, only not for four hours but for four minutes only, and she bewitched every one…."
  • I paid no attention to her at all, but all at once, when the minute came, I’d be all devotion to her, crawl on my knees, kiss her feet, and I always, always—I remember it as though it were to-day—reduced her to that tinkling, quiet, nervous, queer little laugh.
  • At last it struck eleven and he made up his mind, once for all, that if that "damned" Agafya did not come back within ten minutes he should go out without waiting for her, making "the kids" promise, of course, to be brave when he was away, not to be naughty, not to cry from fright.

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as in: a minute amount Define
very, very small
as in: keep the minutes Define
a written record of what happened at a meeting
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