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The Brothers Karamazov
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Used In
The Brothers Karamazov
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  • Dmitri used to speak of Ivan with the deepest respect and with a peculiar earnestness.
  • "I earnestly beg you, too, not to disturb yourself, and not to be uneasy," the elder said impressively.
  • Your reverence," he cried, with sudden pathos, "you behold before you a buffoon in earnest!
  • The monks, with unchanged countenances, waited, with earnest attention, to hear what the elder would say, but seemed on the point of standing up, like Miuesov.
  • Grigory prayed earnestly at the font, but his opinion of the new-born child remained unchanged.
  • His face looked firm and earnest.
  • "Gentlemen!" he added, "I venture to beg you most earnestly to lay aside your dissensions, and to be united in love and family harmony—with prayer to the Lord at our humble table."
  • I have a word to say to you in earnest, but not within these walls.
  • But this time she was in earnest.
  • You know, I was perfectly sure you were in earnest.
  • He is sure I was in earnest.
  • I am in earnest in what I say.
  • It was he who had been standing near Madame Hohlakov the previous day and had asked Father Zossima earnestly, referring to the "healing" of the lady’s daughter, "How can you presume to do such things?"
  • Now, only a few days ago, perhaps only yesterday he found out for the first time in earnest (underline in earnest) that Grushenka is really perhaps not joking, and really means to marry me.
  • Now, only a few days ago, perhaps only yesterday he found out for the first time in earnest (underline in earnest) that Grushenka is really perhaps not joking, and really means to marry me.
  • All that is wanted is to see whether the man is in earnest.
  • I tell you, watch his beard—if his beard shakes you know he is in earnest.
  • On the contrary, he once gave Grushenka a stern and earnest piece of advice.
  • Her grave air, her direct earnest look and quiet manner made a very favorable impression on every one.
  • "I beg you most earnestly, dear Mihail Makarovitch, to restrain your feelings," the prosecutor said in a rapid whisper to the old police captain, "or I shall be forced to resort to—"
  • What struck Alyosha above everything was her earnestness.
  • He begged the maid most earnestly to take another message in these very words: "That he had come on business of the greatest importance, and that Madame Hohlakov might have cause to regret it later, if she refused to see him now."
  • And he is an excellent, earnest young man, isn’t he?
  • I thought he was in earnest.
  • There was not a trace of humor or jesting in her face now, though, in old days, fun and gayety never deserted her even at her most "earnest" moments.
  • —that is, if you are in earnest
  • Ah, then you are in earnest!
  • Gentlemen of the jury, I put this question to you in earnest; when was the moment when Smerdyakov could have committed his crime?
  • An earnest conscience!
  • "I beg you most earnestly, Kartashov, not to interrupt again with your idiotic remarks, especially when one is not talking to you and doesn’t care to know whether you exist or not!"
  • But we must one day begin life in sober earnest, we must look at ourselves as a society; it’s time we tried to grasp something of our social position, or at least to make a beginning in that direction.
  • With a serious and earnest expression he looked from one to another of the bright, pleasant faces of Ilusha’s schoolfellows, and suddenly said to them: "Boys, I should like to say one word to you, here at this place."
  • I’m not insane," said Dmitri, looking intently and earnestly at him.
  • I am sorry you call it that," said Ivan earnestly.
  • I have to make a great confession, I didn’t write to you yesterday in joke, but in earnest," and she hid her eyes with her hand.
  • You can’t be speaking in earnest?" he said, with indignation, looking the prosecutor straight in the face, and seeming unable to believe his ears.
  • "I assure you I’m in earnest.
  • With old liars who have been acting all their lives there are moments when they enter so completely into their part that they tremble or shed tears of emotion in earnest, although at that very moment, or a second later, they are able to whisper to themselves, "You know you are lying, you shameless old sinner!
  • Do you know, Alyosha," Ivan added in an intensely earnest and confidential tone, "I should be awfully glad to think that it was he and not I." "He has worn you out," said Alyosha, looking compassionately at his brother.

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  • Both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate.
  • She has a casual, go-with-the-flow personality and doesn’t appreciate his earnestness.

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