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The Brothers Karamazov
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The Brothers Karamazov
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  • You know you’re telling lies and that that stupid anecdote isn’t true.
  • "Allow me to tell you one little anecdote, gentlemen," Miuesov said impressively, with a peculiarly majestic air.
  • Your Paris anecdote is rather to the point, Pyotr Alexandrovitch.
  • I will tell you instead, gentlemen, another interesting and rather characteristic anecdote of Ivan Fyodorovitch himself.
  • You see, I am fond of collecting certain facts, and, would you believe, I even copy anecdotes of a certain sort from newspapers and books, and I’ve already got a fine collection.
  • I was greatly impressed and amazed at this as a child; but then I heard from country neighbors and from my town teachers that the whole illness was simulated to avoid work, and that it could always be cured by suitable severity; various anecdotes were told to confirm this.
  • When he came to telling of his visit to Madame Hohlakov, he regained his spirits and even wished to tell a little anecdote of that lady which had nothing to do with the case.
  • All sorts of extraordinary tales were told about her, amazing anecdotes of her passion for Mitya, in spite of his crime.
  • "You’d better tell me some anecdote!" said Ivan miserably.
  • There is an anecdote precisely on our subject, or rather a legend, not an anecdote.
  • There is an anecdote precisely on our subject, or rather a legend, not an anecdote.
  • That anecdote about the quadrillion years, I made up myself!
  • I made up that anecdote and told it to a schoolfellow called Korovkin, it was at Moscow….
  • The anecdote is so characteristic that I couldn’t have taken it from anywhere.
  • Knowing that you are inclined to believe in me, I administered some disbelief by telling you that anecdote.
  • In any case the anecdote made a certain favorable impression on the public.
  • And as ill-luck would have it, to set things right, I began telling a very cultivated anecdote about Piron, how he was not accepted into the French Academy, and to revenge himself wrote his own epitaph: Ci-git Piron qui ne fut rien, Pas meme academicien.
  • Returning to the room, he would usually begin doing something to amuse and comfort his precious boy; he would tell him stories, funny anecdotes, or would mimic comic people he had happened to meet, even imitate the howls and cries of animals.
  • The Confession Of A Passionate Heart—In Anecdote "I was leading a wild life then.
  • I told you your anecdote you’d forgotten, on purpose, so as to destroy your faith in me completely."
  • [Then followed the anecdote about Captain Snegiryov.

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  • Her autobiography is sprinkled with amusing anecdotes.
  • She is good at making a point in an interesting and memorable way with an anecdote.

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