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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • These times want other aids!
  • No female arts or aids she left untried, Nor counsels unexplor'd, before she died.
  • Chance aids their daring with unhop'd success; Sergesthus, eager with his beak to press Betwixt the rival galley and the rock, Shuts up th' unwieldly Centaur in the lock.
  • Casperia sends her arms, with those that lie By Fabaris, and fruitful Foruli: The warlike aids of Horta next appear, And the cold Nursians come to close the rear, Mix'd with the natives born of Latine blood, Whom Allia washes with her fatal flood.
  • The leech, unknowing of superior art Which aids the cure, with this foments the part; And in a moment ceas'd the raging smart.
  • Rang'd on the line oppos'd, Antonius brings Barbarian aids, and troops of Eastern kings; Th' Arabians near, and Bactrians from afar, Of tongues discordant, and a mingled war: And, rich in gaudy robes, amidst the strife, His ill fate follows him— th' Egyptian wife.

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  • Many people who spread AIDS are unaware that they have HIV.
  • This was thanks to a growing worldwide campaign for treating aids wherever it occurred.
    Tracy Kidder  --  Mountains Beyond Mountains

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