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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Yet more succeed, and more to death are sent; We cease not from above, nor they below relent.
  • Nor am I ignorant, you both suspect This rising city, which my hands erect: But shall celestial discord never cease?
  • Then dire debate and impious war shall cease, And the stern age be soften’d into peace: Then banish’d Faith shall once again return, And Vestal fires in hallow’d temples burn; And Remus with Quirinus shall sustain The righteous laws, and fraud and force restrain.
  • Soon on the Libyan shore descends the god, Performs his message, and displays his rod: The surly murmurs of the people cease; And, as the fates requir’d, they give the peace: The queen herself suspends the rigid laws, The Trojans pities, and protects their cause.
  • But now the prince, who saw the wild increase Of wounds, commands the combatants to cease, And bounds Entellus’ wrath, and bids the peace.
  • Here cease, ye pow’rs, and let your vengeance end: Troy is no more, and can no more offend.
  • Who can see Without esteem for virtuous poverty, Severe Fabricius, or can cease t’ admire The plowman consul in his coarse attire?
  • It is done, The blood already drawn, the war begun; The discord is complete; nor can they cease The dire debate, nor you command the peace.
  • The war shall end in lasting peace, And all the rage of haughty Juno cease.
  • Wearied with tedious war, at length they cease; And both the kings and kingdoms plight the peace.
  • Not so the raging fires their fury cease, But, lurking in the seams, with seeming peace, Work on their way amid the smold’ring tow, Sure in destruction, but in motion slow.
  • First, let him see his friends in battle slain, And their untimely fate lament in vain; And when, at length, the cruel war shall cease, On hard conditions may he buy his peace: Nor let him then enjoy supreme command; But fall, untimely, by some hostile hand, And lie unburied on the barren sand!
  • Wake, son of Venus, from thy pleasing dreams; And, when the setting stars are lost in day, To Juno’s pow’r thy just devotion pay; With sacrifice the wrathful queen appease: Her pride at length shall fall, her fury cease.
  • Let now your immature dissension cease; Sit quiet, and compose your souls to peace.
  • Here cease thy vaunts, and own my victory: A woman warrior was too strong for thee.
  • Then to the Latian king he sends, to cease The rage of arms, and ratify the peace.
  • O Trojans, cease From impious arms, nor violate the peace!
  • Your interest is, the war should never cease; But we have felt enough to wish the peace: A land exhausted to the last remains, Depopulated towns, and driven plains.
  • Continue still your hospitable way, And still invent occasions of their stay, Till storms and winter winds shall cease to threat, And planks and oars repair their shatter’d fleet."
  • …Queen of Air, Propitious now, and reconcil’d by pray’r; Thou, God of War, whose unresisted sway The labors and events of arms obey; Ye living fountains, and ye running floods, All pow’rs of ocean, all ethereal gods, Hear, and bear record: if I fall in field, Or, recreant in the fight, to Turnus yield, My Trojans shall encrease Evander’s town; Ascanius shall renounce th’ Ausonian crown: All claims, all questions of debate, shall cease; Nor he, nor they, with force infringe the peace.
  • First stretching out his arm, in sign of peace, He cries aloud, to make the combat cease: "Rutulians, hold; and Latin troops, retire!
  • Now all things to their utmost issue tend, Push’d by the Fates to their appointed While leave was giv’n thee, and a lawful hour For vengeance, wrath, and unresisted pow’r, Toss’d on the seas, thou couldst thy foes distress, And, driv’n ashore, with hostile arms oppress; Deform the royal house; and, from the side Of the just bridegroom, tear the plighted bride: Now cease at my command."

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  • They signed a cease-fire agreement.
  • They agreed to a temporary cease-fire so non-combatants could leave the area.

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