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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • What fate a wretched fugitive attends, Scorn’d by my foes, abandon’d by my friends?’
  • Must I attend Pygmalion’s cruelty, Or till Hyarba shall in triumph lead A queen that proudly scorn’d his proffer’d bed?
  • In Grecian ships unhappy we were borne, Endur’d the victor’s lust, sustain’d the scorn: Thus I submitted to the lawless pride Of Pyrrhus, more a handmaid than a bride.
  • Didst thou in death pretend To scorn thy sister, or delude thy friend?
  • A wand’ring woman builds, within our state, A little town, bought at an easy rate; She pays me homage, and my grants allow A narrow space of Libyan lands to plow; Yet, scorning me, by passion blindly led, Admits a banish’d Trojan to her bed!
  • I grant that, while your sorrows yet were green, It well became a woman, and a queen, The vows of Tyrian princes to neglect, To scorn Hyarbas, and his love reject, With all the Libyan lords of mighty name; But will you fight against a pleasing flame!
  • Mezentius first appear’d upon the plain: Scorn sate upon his brows, and sour disdain, Defying earth and heav’n.
  • Then, with a scornful smile, the victor cries: "The gods have found a fitter sacrifice."
  • Whom thus the chief upbraids with scornful spite: "Blame not the slowness of your steeds in flight; Vain shadows did not force their swift retreat; But you yourself forsake your empty seat."
  • Go now, vain boaster, and true valor scorn!
  • Nor, thus forborne, The youth desists, but with insulting scorn Provokes the ling’ring prince, whose patience, tir’d, Gave place; and all his breast with fury fir’d.
  • The youthful prince With scorn replied, and made this bold defense: "You tell me, mother, what I knew before: The Phrygian fleet is landed on the shore.
  • He said, and, turning short, with speedy pace, Casts back a scornful glance, and quits the place: "Thou, Volusus, the Volscian troops command To mount; and lead thyself our Ardean band.

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  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
  • That coach scorns students who don’t have natural ability.

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