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The Aeneid
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lineage -- as in: traced her lineage
Used In
The Aeneid
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  • We want not cities, nor Sicilian coasts, Where King Acestes Trojan lineage boasts.
  • Are you the great Aeneas, known to fame, Who from celestial seed your lineage claim?
  • My father, long revolving in his mind The race and lineage of the Trojan kind, Thus answer’d their demands: ’Ye princes, hear Your pleasing fortune, and dispel your fear.
  • He said, and on his knees my knees embrac’d: I bade him boldly tell his fortune past, His present state, his lineage, and his name, Th’ occasion of his fears, and whence he came.
  • Not less than theirs from Jove my lineage came; My mother greater, my descent the same.
  • The Trojan chief, whose lineage is from Jove, Much fam’d for arms, and more for filial love, Is sent to seek his sire in your Elysian grove.
  • Aeneas then replied: "Too sure I find We strive in vain against the seas and wind: Now shift your sails; what place can please me more Than what you promise, the Sicilian shore, Whose hallow’d earth Anchises’ bones contains, And where a prince of Trojan lineage reigns?"
  • Then brave Messapus Ericetes slew, Who from Lycaon’s blood his lineage drew.
  • Know this, the realm of night— the Stygian shore: My boat conveys no living bodies o’er; Nor was I pleas’d great Theseus once to bear, Who forc’d a passage with his pointed spear, Nor strong Alcides— men of mighty fame, And from th’ immortal gods their lineage came.
  • And now pomp the peaceful kings appear: Four steeds the chariot of Latinus bear; Twelve golden beams around his temples play, To mark his lineage from the God of Day.
  • Thou, Muse, the name of Cinyras renew, And brave Cupavo follow’d but by few; Whose helm confess’d the lineage of the man, And bore, with wings display’d, a silver swan.
  • Yet from our lineage he derives his name, And, in the fourth degree, from god Pilumnus came; Yet he devoutly pays you rites divine, And offers daily incense at your shrine.
  • …first, and thus the king bespoke: "Best of the Greeks, to whom, by fate’s command, I bear these peaceful branches in my hand, Undaunted I approach you, tho’ I know Your birth is Grecian, and your land my foe; From Atreus tho’ your ancient lineage came, And both the brother kings your kindred claim; Yet, my self-conscious worth, your high renown, Your virtue, thro’ the neighb’ring nations blown, Our fathers’ mingled blood, Apollo’s voice, Have led me hither, less by need than choice.

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  • That form of cancer is traced back many generations in her lineage.
  • his entire lineage has been warriors

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