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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Then strife ensued, and cursed gold the cause.
  • This mov’d the murderer’s hate; and soon ensued Th’ effects of malice from a man so proud.
  • Loud peals of thunder from the poles ensue; Then flashing fires the transient light renew; The face of things a frightful image bears, And present death in various forms appears.
  • Scarce dare I tell the sequel: from the womb Of wounded earth, and caverns of the tomb, A groan, as of a troubled ghost, renew’d My fright, and then these dreadful words ensued: ’Why dost thou thus my buried body rend?
  • Then spurring on, his brandish’d dart he threw, In sign of war: applauding shouts ensue.
  • He charg’d the soldiers, with preventing care, Their flags to follow, and their arms prepare; Warn’d of th’ ensuing fight, and bade ’cause hope the war.
  • Thou, when the rosy morn restores the light, First arm thy soldiers for th’ ensuing fight: Thyself the fated sword of Vulcan wield, And bear aloft th’ impenetrable shield.
  • A shout, that struck the golden stars, ensued; Despair and rage the languish’d fight renew’d.
  • Then, sourly smiling, thus the king replied: "For what belongs to me, let Jove provide; But die thou first, whatever chance ensue."
  • Loud shouts ensue; the Latins turn their eyes, And view th’ unusual sight with vast surprise.
  • This done— to give new terror to his foes, The heads of Nisus and his friend he shows, Rais’d high on pointed spears— a ghastly sight: Loud peals of shouts ensue, and barbarous delight.
  • The morn ensuing, from the mountain’s height, Had scarcely spread the skies with rosy light; Th’ ethereal coursers, bounding from the sea, From out their flaming nostrils breath’d the day; When now the Trojan and Rutulian guard, In friendly labor join’d, the list prepar’d.
  • Behold Torquatus the same track pursue; And, next, the two devoted Decii view: The Drusian line, Camillus loaded home With standards well redeem’d, and foreign foes o’ercome The pair you see in equal armor shine, Now, friends below, in close embraces join; But, when they leave the shady realms of night, And, cloth’d in bodies, breathe your upper light, With mortal hate each other shall pursue: What wars, what wounds, what slaughter shall ensue!
  • Then, from the bottom of her breast, she drew A mournful sigh, and these sad words ensue: "Too dear a fine, ah much lamented maid, For warring with the Trojans, thou hast paid!
  • Dismiss your fears, and let the fight ensue; This hand alone shall right the gods and you: Our injur’d altars, and their broken vow, To this avenging sword the faithless Turnus owe."

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  • Ensuing events confirmed the prediction.
  • Sudan’s violence and ensuing disruption killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.

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