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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • From him the Trojan siege I understood, The Grecian chiefs, and your illustrious blood.
  • What Diomede, nor Thetis’ greater son, A thousand ships, nor ten years’ siege, had doneFalse tears and fawning words the city won.
  • Not so my father taught my childhood arms; Born in a siege, and bred among alarms!
  • A second siege my banish’d issue fears, And a new Diomede in arms appears.
  • Meantime, intent upon their siege, the foes Within their walls the Trojan host inclose: They wound, they kill, they watch at ev’ry gate; Renew the fires, and urge their happy fate.
  • The long defense the Trojan people made, The war protracted, and the siege delay’d, Were due to Hector’s and this hero’s hand: Both brave alike, and equal in command; Aeneas, not inferior in the field, In pious reverence to the gods excell’d.
  • Taught, by their ten years’ siege, defensive fight, They roll down ribs of rocks, an unresisted weight, To break the penthouse with the pond’rous blow, Which yet the patient Volscians undergo: But could not bear th’ unequal combat long; For, where the Trojans find the thickest throng, The ruin falls: their shatter’d shields give way, And their crush’d heads become an easy prey.
  • His former trembling once again renew’d, With acted fear, the villain thus pursued: " ’Long had the Grecians (tir’d with fruitless care, And wearied with an unsuccessful war) Resolv’d to raise the siege, and leave the town; And, had the gods permitted, they had gone; But oft the wintry seas and southern winds Withstood their passage home, and chang’d their minds.

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  • The Siege of Leningrad lasted 872 days.
  • The company feels under siege.

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