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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Scarce sev’n, the thin remainders of my fleet, From storms preserv’d, within your harbor meet.
  • Scarce had he spoken, when the cloud gave way, The mists flew upward and dissolv’d in day.
  • Scarce had I said, when Pantheus, with a groan: ’Troy is no more, and Ilium was a town!
  • The warders of the gate but scarce maintain Th’ unequal combat, and resist in vain.’
  • Arm’d soldiers now by trembling maids are seen, With not a door, and scarce a space, between.
  • His feeble shoulders scarce the weight sustain; Loaded, not arm’d, he creeps along with pain, Despairing of success, ambitious to be slain!
  • Scarce had I said: he shook the holy ground, The laurels, and the lofty hills around; And from the tripos rush’d a bellowing sound.
  • We pass the scatter’d isles of Cyclades, That, scarce distinguish’d, seem to stud the seas.
  • Scarce landed, the first omens I beheld Were four white steeds that cropp’d the flow’ry field.
  • What force have I but those whom scarce before I drew reluctant from their native shore?
  • She look’d to seaward; but the sea was void, And scarce in ken the sailing ships descried.
  • Friends daily flock; and scarce the kindly spring Began to clothe the ground, and birds to sing, When old Anchises summon’d all to sea: The crew my father and the Fates obey.
  • Soon as he reach’d the shore and touch’d the waves, From his bor’d eye the gutt’ring blood he laves: He gnash’d his teeth, and groan’d; thro’ seas he strides, And scarce the topmost billows touch’d his sides.
  • Scarce dare I tell the sequel: from the womb Of wounded earth, and caverns of the tomb, A groan, as of a troubled ghost, renew’d My fright, and then these dreadful words ensued: ’Why dost thou thus my buried body rend?
  • Rich was the gift, and glorious to behold, But yet so pond’rous with its plates of gold, That scarce two servants could the weight sustain; Yet, loaded thus, Demoleus o’er the plain Pursued and lightly seiz’d the Trojan train.
  • The sable troops, along the narrow tracks, Scarce bear the weighty burthen on their backs: Some set their shoulders to the pond’rous grain; Some guard the spoil; some lash the lagging train; All ply their sev’ral tasks, and equal toil sustain.
  • Scarce had he said, when, full before his sight, Two doves, descending from their airy flight, Secure upon the grassy plain alight.
  • Scarce had he said, when, on our left, we hear A peal of rattling thunder roll in air: There shot a streaming lamp along the sky, Which on the winged lightning seem’d to fly; From o’er the roof the blaze began to move, And, trailing, vanish’d in th’ Idaean grove.
  • Scarce were his limbs extended at their length, The god, insulting with superior strength, Fell heavy on him, plung’d him in the sea, And, with the stern, the rudder tore away.
  • Scarce had he said; Achates and his guest, With downcast eyes, their silent grief express’d; Who, short of succors, and in deep despair, Shook at the dismal prospect of the war.
  • Scarce had he finish’d, when, with speckled pride, A serpent from the tomb began to glide; His hugy bulk on sev’n high volumes roll’d; Blue was his breadth of back, but streak’d with scaly gold: Thus riding on his curls, he seem’d to pass A rolling fire along, and singe the grass.
  • Scarce had he said, when southern storms arise: From pole to pole the forky lightning flies; Loud rattling shakes the mountains and the plain; Heav’n bellies downward, and descends in rain.
  • With fury scarce to be conceiv’d, he flew Against Niphaeus, whom four coursers drew.
  • Scarce had he reach’d the prow: Saturnia’s hand The haulsers cuts, and shoots the ship from land.
  • Thick smoke obscures the field; and scarce are seen The neighing coursers, and the shouting men.
  • Scarce was he gone, when to the straits, now freed From secret foes, the Trojan troops succeed.
  • The drifts of Thracian snows were scarce so white, Nor northern winds in fleetness match’d their flight.
  • Scarce can he rear His limbs from earth, supported on his spear.
  • And here, heroic youth, ’t is here I must To thy immortal memory be just, And sing an act so noble and so new, Posterity will scarce believe ’t is true.
  • View all the Trojan host, th’ Arcadian band, And Tuscan army; count ’cause as they stand: Undaunted to the battle if we go, Scarce ev’ry second man will share a foe.
  • Ev’n in their lines and trenches they contend, And scarce their walls the Trojan troops defend: The town is fill’d with slaughter, and o’erfloats, With a red deluge, their increasing moats.
  • Twice vanquish’d while in bloody fields we strive, Scarce in our walls we keep our hopes alive: The rolling flood runs warm with human gore; The bones of Latians blanch the neighb’ring shore.
  • (When with his brawny breast he cuts the waves, His shoulders scarce the topmost billow laves), Or like a mountain ash, whose roots are spread, Deep fix’d in earth; in clouds he hides his head.
  • But Turnus follow’d hard his hunted prey (His spear had almost reach’d him in the way, Short of his reins, and scarce a span behind) "Fool!" said the chief, "tho’ fleeter than the wind, Couldst thou presume to scape, when I pursue?"
  • Lagus, the first he met, with fate to foe, Had heav’d a stone of mighty weight, to throw: Stooping, the spear descended on his chine, Just where the bone distinguished either loin: It stuck so fast, so deeply buried lay, That scarce the victor forc’d the steel away.
  • Such is their toil, and such their busy pains, As exercise the bees in flow’ry plains, When winter past, and summer scarce begun, Invites them forth to labor in the sun; Some lead their youth abroad, while some condense Their liquid store, and some in cells dispense; Some at the gate stand ready to receive The golden burthen, and their friends relieve; All with united force, combine to drive The lazy drones from the laborious hive: With envy stung, they view each other’s deeds; The…
  • BOOK XI Scarce had the rosy Morning rais’d her head Above the waves, and left her wat’ry bed; The pious chief, whom double cares attend For his unburied soldiers and his friend, Yet first to Heav’n perform’d a victor’s vows: He bar’d an ancient oak of all her boughs; Then on a rising ground the trunk he plac’d, Which with the spoils of his dead foe he grac’d.
  • …surges to controlAt once comes tumbling down the rocky wall; Prone to the deep, the stones disjointed fall Of the vast pile; the scatter’d ocean flies; Black sands, discolor’d froth, and mingled mud arise: The frighted billows roll, and seek the shores; Then trembles Prochyta, then Ischia roars: Typhoeus, thrown beneath, by Jove’s command, Astonish’d at the flaw that shakes the land, Soon shifts his weary side, and, scarce awake, With wonder feels the weight press lighter on his back.
  • "Scarce had he said, when on the mountain’s brow We saw the giant shepherd stalk before His following flock, and leading to the shore: A monstrous bulk, deform’d, depriv’d of sight; His staff a trunk of pine, to guide his steps aright.
  • Scarce had he said, the prophetess began: "What hopes delude thee, miserable man?
  • "Scarce had the rising sun the day reveal’d, Scarce had his heat the pearly dews dispell’d, When from the woods there bolts, before our sight, Somewhat betwixt a mortal and a sprite, So thin, so ghastly meager, and so wan, So bare of flesh, he scarce resembled man.
  • "Scarce had the rising sun the day reveal’d, Scarce had his heat the pearly dews dispell’d, When from the woods there bolts, before our sight, Somewhat betwixt a mortal and a sprite, So thin, so ghastly meager, and so wan, So bare of flesh, he scarce resembled man.
  • "Scarce had the rising sun the day reveal’d, Scarce had his heat the pearly dews dispell’d, When from the woods there bolts, before our sight, Somewhat betwixt a mortal and a sprite, So thin, so ghastly meager, and so wan, So bare of flesh, he scarce resembled man.
  • Entellus, thus: "My soul is still the same, Unmov’d with fear, and mov’d with martial fame; But my chill blood is curdled in my veins, And scarce the shadow of a man remains.
  • Now scarce the Trojan fleet, with sails and oars, Had left behind the fair Sicilian shores, Ent’ring with cheerful shouts the wat’ry reign, And plowing frothy furrows in the main; When, lab’ring still with endless discontent, The Queen of Heav’n did thus her fury vent: "Then am I vanquish’d? must I yield?" said she, "And must the Trojans reign in Italy?
  • But when at nearer distance she beheld My shining armor and my Trojan shield, Astonish’d at the sight, the vital heat Forsakes her limbs; her veins no longer beat: She faints, she falls, and scarce recov’ring strength, Thus, with a falt’ring tongue, she speaks at length: " ’Are you alive, O goddess-born?’ she said, ’Or if a ghost, then where is Hector’s shade?’
  • Struggling, and wildly staring on the skies, With scarce recover’d sight he thus replies: "Why these insulting words, this waste of breath, To souls undaunted, and secure of death?

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  • There is a scarcity of work in the region.
  • Work is scarce in the region.

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