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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Thou know’st, my son, how Jove’s revengeful wife, By force and fraud, attempts thy brother’s life; And often hast thou mourn’d with me his pains.
  • Somewhat is sure design’d, by fraud or force: Trust not their presents, nor admit the horse.’
  • Then change we shields, and their devices bear: Let fraud supply the want of force in war.
  • Then dire debate and impious war shall cease, And the stern age be soften’d into peace: Then banish’d Faith shall once again return, And Vestal fires in hallow’d temples burn; And Remus with Quirinus shall sustain The righteous laws, and fraud and force restrain.
  • Alcides found the fraud; with rage he shook, And toss’d about his head his knotted oak.
  • Before the town the Tuscan army lies, To win by famine, or by fraud surprise.
  • Inclos’d with hills, a winding valley lies, By nature form’d for fraud, and fitted for surprise.
  • Allur’d with hope of plunder, and intent By force to rob, by fraud to circumvent, The brutal Cacus, as by chance they stray’d, Four oxen thence, and four fair kine convey’d; And, lest the printed footsteps might be seen, He dragg’d ’cause backwards to his rocky den.
  • But yet is just and lawful for your line To drive their fields, and force with fraud to join; Realms, not your own, among your clans divide, And from the bridegroom tear the promis’d bride; Petition, while you public arms prepare; Pretend a peace, and yet provoke a war!
  • ) She was the first to find the secret fraud, Before the fatal news was blaz’d abroad.
  • Then Venus, who her hidden fraud descried, Which would the scepter of the world misguide To Libyan shores, thus artfully replied: "Who, but a fool, would wars with Juno choose, And such alliance and such gifts refuse, If Fortune with our joint desires comply?

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  • She stole money by filing a fraudulent insurance claim.
  • She was convicted of a fraudulent home loan scheme.

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