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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Thrice from the ground she leap’d, was seen to wield Her brandish’d lance, and shake her horrid shield.
  • And now the strand, and now the plain they held; Their ardent eyes with bloody streaks were fill’d; Their nimble tongues they brandish’d as they came, And lick’d their hissing jaws, that sputter’d flame.
  • Their casques adorn’d with laurel wreaths they wear, Each brandishing aloft a cornel spear.
  • Straight, o’er the guilty ghost, the Fury shakes The sounding whip and brandishes her snakes, And the pale sinner, with her sisters, takes.
  • Then spurring on, his brandish’d dart he threw, In sign of war: applauding shouts ensue.
  • He said, and, brandishing at once his blade, With eager pace pursued the flying shade.
  • So shines, renew’d in youth, the crested snake, Who slept the winter in a thorny brake, And, casting off his slough when spring returns, Now looks aloft, and with new glory burns; Restor’d with poisonous herbs, his ardent sides Reflect the sun; and rais’d on spires he rides; High o’er the grass, hissing he rolls along, And brandishes by fits his forky tongue.
  • The chief unsheath’d his shining steel, prepar’d, Tho’ seiz’d with sudden fear, to force the guard, Off’ring his brandish’d weapon at their face; Had not the Sibyl stopp’d his eager pace, And told him what those empty phantoms were: Forms without bodies, and impassive air.
  • Trembling he views the thund’ring chief advance, And brandishing aloft the deadly lance: Amaz’d he cow’rs beneath his conqu’ring foe, Forgets to ward, and waits the coming blow.
  • Once more the proud Mezentius, with disdain, Brandish’d his spear, and rush’d into the plain, Where tow’ring in the midmost rank she stood, Like tall Orion stalking o’er the flood.
  • As when a snake, surpris’d upon the road, Is crush’d athwart her body by the load Of heavy wheels; or with a mortal wound Her belly bruis’d, and trodden to the ground: In vain, with loosen’d curls, she crawls along; Yet, fierce above, she brandishes her tongue; Glares with her eyes, and bristles with her scales; But, groveling in the dust, her parts unsound she trails: So slowly to the port the Centaur tends, But, what she wants in oars, with sails amends.
  • Propp’d on a pillar, which the ceiling bore, Was plac’d the lance Auruncan Actor wore; Which with such force he brandish’d in his hand, The tough ash trembled like an osier wand: Then cried: "O pond’rous spoil of Actor slain, And never yet by Turnus toss’d in vain, Fail not this day thy wonted force; but go, Sent by this hand, to pierce the Trojan foe!

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  • She brandished a sword.
  • She tossed her new weapon up in the air, caught it again, brandished it, and urged the horse forward.
    C.S. Lewis  --  The Magician’s Nephew

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