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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Now, by my sov’reign, and his fate, I swear, Renown’d for faith in peace, for force in war; Oft our alliance other lands desir’d, And, what we seek of you, of us requir’d.
  • Thus threat you war? thus our alliance force?
  • Yet will I not my Trojan friend upbraid, Nor grudge th’ alliance I so gladly made.
  • Some new alliance must elsewhere be sought, Or peace with Troy on hard conditions bought.
  • Have what you ask; your presents I receive; Land, where and when you please, with ample leave; Partake and use my kingdom as your own; All shall be yours, while I command the crown: And, if my wish’d alliance please your king, Tell him he should not send the peace, but bring.
  • Grant that the Fates have firm’d, by their decree, The Trojan race to reign in Italy; At least I can defer the nuptial day, And with protracted wars the peace delay: With blood the dear alliance shall be bought, And both the people near destruction brought; So shall the son-in-law and father join, With ruin, war, and waste of either line.
  • Since," said the god, "the Trojans must not join In wish’d alliance with the Latian line; Since endless jarrings and immortal hate Tend but to discompose our happy state; The war henceforward be resign’d to fate: Each to his proper fortune stand or fall; Equal and unconcern’d I look on all.
  • Now, best of kings, since you propose to send Such bounteous presents to your Trojan friend; Add yet a greater at our joint request, One which he values more than all the rest: Give him the fair Lavinia for his bride; With that alliance let the league be tied, And for the bleeding land a lasting peace provide.
  • Then Venus, who her hidden fraud descried, Which would the scepter of the world misguide To Libyan shores, thus artfully replied: "Who, but a fool, would wars with Juno choose, And such alliance and such gifts refuse, If Fortune with our joint desires comply?
  • He said no more; but, with this cold excuse, Refus’d th’ alliance, and advis’d a truce."
  • If wish’d success our labor shall attend, Think peace concluded, and the king your friend: Let Turnus leave the realm to your command, And seek alliance in some other land: Build you the city which your fates assign; We shall be proud in the great work to join."
  • A bloody Hymen shall th’ alliance join Betwixt the Trojan and Ausonian line: But thou with speed to night and hell repair; For not the gods, nor angry Jove, will bear Thy lawless wand’ring walks in upper air.

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