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The Aeneid
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The Aeneid
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  • Not only Trojans fall; but, in their turn, The vanquish’d triumph, and the victors mourn.
  • "If such rewards to vanquish’d men are due."
  • We come not with design of wasteful prey, To drive the country, force the swains away: Nor such our strength, nor such is our desire; The vanquish’d dare not to such thoughts aspire.
  • So Salius lay extended on the plain; Euryalus springs out, the prize to gain, And leaves the crowd: applauding peals attend The victor to the goal, who vanquish’d by his friend.
  • Then vanquish’d Juno must in vain contend, Her rage disarm’d, her empire at an end.
  • Vast crowds of vanquish’d nations march along, Various in arms, in habit, and in tongue.
  • The sun had now fulfill’d his annual course, And Boreas on the seas display’d his force: I fix’d upon the temple’s lofty door The brazen shield which vanquish’d Abas bore; The verse beneath my name and action speaks: ’These arms Aeneas took from conqu’ring Greeks.’
  • The god was wroth, and at his temples threw A branch in Lethe dipp’d, and drunk with Stygian dew: The pilot, vanquish’d by the pow’r divine, Soon clos’d his swimming eyes, and lay supine.
  • In equal arms let us alone contend; And let him vanquish, whom his fates befriend.
  • Shouts of applause ran ringing thro’ the field, To see the son the vanquish’d father shield.
  • Vanquish’d without resource; laid flat by fate; Factions within, a foe without the gate!
  • The vanquish’d cry; the victors loudly shout; ’T is terror all within, and slaughter all without.
  • Twice have our foes been vanquish’d on the plain: Then shall I wait till Turnus will be slain?
  • These his lance reaches; over those he rolls His rapid car, and crushes out their souls: In vain the vanquish’d fly; the victor sends The dead men’s weapons at their living friends.
  • Thus equal deaths are dealt with equal chance; By turns they quit their ground, by turns advance: Victors and vanquish’d, in the various field, Nor wholly overcome, nor wholly yield.
  • At this the vanquish’d, with his dying breath, Thus faintly spoke, and prophesied in death: "Nor thou, proud man, unpunish’d shalt remain: Like death attends thee on this fatal plain."
  • Twice vanquish’d while in bloody fields we strive, Scarce in our walls we keep our hopes alive: The rolling flood runs warm with human gore; The bones of Latians blanch the neighb’ring shore.
  • They cuff, they scratch, they cross his airy course; Nor can th’ incumber’d bird sustain their force; But vex’d, not vanquish’d, drops the pond’rous prey, And, lighten’d of his burthen, wings his way.
  • The Trojan threats The realm with ruin, and their ancient seats To lay in ashes, if they dare supply With arms or aid his vanquish’d enemy: Thus menacing, he still pursues the course, With vigor, tho’ diminish’d of his force.
  • …stars decree; Whom Phoebus taught unerring prophecy, From his own tripod, and his holy tree; Skill’d in the wing’d inhabitants of air, What auspices their notes and flights declare: O say— for all religious rites portend A happy voyage, and a prosp’rous end; And ev’ry power and omen of the sky Direct my course for destin’d Italy; But only dire Celaeno, from the gods, A dismal famine fatally forebodesO say what dangers I am first to shun, What toils vanquish, and what course to run.’
  • …dash’d against the walls the trembling train; When floods were fill’d with bodies of the slain; When crimson Xanthus, doubtful of his way, Stood up on ridges to behold the sea; (New heaps came tumbling in, and chok’d his way;) When your Aeneas fought, but fought with odds Of force unequal, and unequal gods; I spread a cloud before the victor’s sight, Sustain’d the vanquish’d, and secur’d his flight; Ev’n then secur’d him, when I sought with joy The vow’d destruction of ungrateful Troy.
  • To these the hero thus his thoughts explain’d, In words which gen’ral approbation gain’d: "One common largess is for all design’d, (The vanquish’d and the victor shall be join’d,) Two darts of polish’d steel and Gnosian wood, A silver-studded ax, alike bestow’d.
  • Now scarce the Trojan fleet, with sails and oars, Had left behind the fair Sicilian shores, Ent’ring with cheerful shouts the wat’ry reign, And plowing frothy furrows in the main; When, lab’ring still with endless discontent, The Queen of Heav’n did thus her fury vent: "Then am I vanquish’d? must I yield?" said she, "And must the Trojans reign in Italy?
  • "Sister, the Fates have vanquish’d: let us go The way which Heav’n and my hard fortune show.
  • To whom the suppliant queen her pray’rs address’d, And thus the tenor of her suit express’d: "O Aeolus! for to thee the King of Heav’n The pow’r of tempests and of winds has giv’n; Thy force alone their fury can restrain, And smooth the waves, or swell the troubled mainA race of wand’ring slaves, abhorr’d by me, With prosp’rous passage cut the Tuscan sea; To fruitful Italy their course they steer, And for their vanquish’d gods design new temples there.
  • Meantime the mother goddess, full of fears, To Neptune thus address’d, with tender tears: "The pride of Jove’s imperious queen, the rage, The malice which no suff’rings can assuage, Compel me to these pray’rs; since neither fate, Nor time, nor pity, can remove her hate: Ev’n Jove is thwarted by his haughty wife; Still vanquish’d, yet she still renews the strife.

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  • The team vanquished all competition.
  • You need to vanquish those negative thoughts and think about good things.

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