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The Aeneid
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repose -- as in: repose on the sofa
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The Aeneid
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  • The Trojans, worn with toils, and spent with woes, Leap on the welcome land, and seek their wish’d repose.
  • Near old Antandros, and at Ida’s foot, The timber of the sacred groves we cut, And build our fleet; uncertain yet to find What place the gods for our repose assign’d.
  • Now steal an hour of sweet repose; and I Will take the rudder and thy room supply.
  • The speech had omen, that the Trojan race Should find repose, and this the time and place.
  • Anthores had from Argos travel’d far, Alcides’ friend, and brother of the war; Till, tir’d with toils, fair Italy he chose, And in Evander’s palace sought repose.
  • " ’T was dead of night, when weary bodies close Their eyes in balmy sleep and soft repose: The winds no longer whisper thro’ the woods, Nor murm’ring tides disturb the gentle floods.
  • …for Turnus’ life, And loath’d the hard conditions of the strife, Held him by force; and, dying in his death, In these sad accents gave her sorrow breath: "O Turnus, I adjure thee by these tears, And whate’er price Amata’s honor bears Within thy breast, since thou art all my hope, My sickly mind’s repose, my sinking age’s prop; Since on the safety of thy life alone Depends Latinus, and the Latian throne: Refuse me not this one, this only pray’r, To waive the combat, and pursue the war.

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  • She was reposing on the couch
  • Good night, good night! as sweet repose and rest
    Come to thy heart as that within my breast!
    William Shakespeare  --  Romeo and Juliet

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