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The Aeneid
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impetuous -- as in: an impetuous decision
Used In
The Aeneid
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  • Th’ impetuous youth press forward to the field;
    They clash the sword, and clatter on the shield:
  • Th’ impetuous ocean roars, And rocks rebellow from the sounding shores.
  • The deadly weapon, hissing from the grove, Impetuous on the back of Sulmo drove; Pierc’d his thin armor, drank his vital blood, And in his body left the broken He staggers round; his eyeballs roll in death, And with short sobs he gasps away his breath.
  • He drives impetuous, and, where’er he goes, He leaves behind a lane of slaughter’d foes.
  • Striding he pass’d, impetuous as the wind, And left the grieving goddess far behind.
  • For now the Fates prepar’d their sharpen’d shears; And lifted high the flaming sword appears, Which, full descending with a frightful sway, Thro’ shield and corslet forc’d th’ impetuous way, And buried deep in his fair bosom lay.
  • Not by the feeble dart he fell oppress’d (A dart were lost within that roomy breast), But from a knotted lance, large, heavy, strong, Which roar’d like thunder as it whirl’d along: Not two bull hides th’ impetuous force withhold, Nor coat of double mail, with scales of gold.
  • But, in another part, th’ Arcadian horse With ill success ingage the Latin force: For, where th’ impetuous torrent, rushing down, Huge craggy stones and rooted trees had thrown, They left their coursers, and, unus’d to fight On foot, were scatter’d in a shameful flight.
  • As when a whirlwind, rushing to the shore From the mid ocean, drives the waves before; The painful hind with heavy heart foresees The flatted fields, and slaughter of the trees; With like impetuous rage the prince appears Before his doubled front, nor less destruction bears.

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  • She regretted her impetuous promise.
  • We need someone more steady. Like many young people, she is too impetuous.

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