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The Aeneid
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hew -- as in: hew with an axe
Used In
The Aeneid
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  • Not sprung from noble blood, nor goddess-born, But hewn from harden’d entrails of a rock!
  • He hews apace; the double bars at length Yield to his ax and unresisted strength.
  • Here some design a mole, while others there Lay deep foundations for a theater; From marble quarries mighty columns hew, For ornaments of scenes, and future view.
  • Beams from its lofty height with swords we hew, Then, wrenching with our hands, th’ assault renew; And, where the rafters on the columns meet, We push them headlong with our arms and feet.
  • A spacious cave, within its farmost part, Was hew’d and fashion’d by laborious art Thro’ the hill’s hollow sides: before the place, A hundred doors a hundred entries grace; As many voices issue, and the sound Of Sybil’s words as many times rebound.
  • A choir of Nereids meet him on the flood, Once his own galleys, hewn from Ida’s wood; But now, as many nymphs, the sea they sweep, As rode, before, tall vessels on the deep.
  • Trust not your feet: your hands must hew way Thro’ yon black body, and that thick array: ’T is thro’ that forward path that we must come; There lies our way, and that our passage home.
  • Now from afar her fatal jav’lins play; Now with her ax’s edge she hews her way: Diana’s arms upon her shoulder sound; And when, too closely press’d, she quits the ground, From her bent bow she sends a backward wound.
  • Trembling he springs, As terror had increas’d his feet with wings; Nor stay’d for stairs; but down the depth he threw His body, on his back the door he drew (The door, a rib of living rock; with pains His father hew’d it out, and bound with iron chains): He broke the heavy links, the mountain clos’d, And bars and levers to his foe oppos’d.
  • He whirls his sword around, without delay, And hews thro’ adverse foes an ample way, To find fierce Turnus, of his conquest proud: Evander, Pallas, all that friendship ow’d To large deserts, are present to his eyes; His plighted hand, and hospitable ties.
  • Around his head he toss’d his glitt’ring brand, And from Strymonius hew’d his better hand, Held up to guard his throat; then hurl’d a stone At Thoas’ ample front, and pierc’d the bone: It struck beneath the space of either eye; And blood, and mingled brains, together fly.
  • Occasion offers, and I stand prepar’d; There lies our way; be thou upon the guard, And look around, while I securely go, And hew a passage thro’ the sleeping foe."

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