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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • He knew only the shock, at first; a distinct, conscious second was gone before he realized what it was and that it was applause.
  • She was distinctly annoyed when she was not included in the photographs taken of Petey.
  • It became amusing, at first, to accept "Monk" Toohey; then it became distinctive and progressive.
  • But, of course, Mr. Roark, I told you I wanted three closets in my bedroom, I remember distinctly, it was on a Friday and we were sitting in the drawing room and Mr. Sanborn was sitting in the big chair by the window and I was…What about the plans?
  • Wynand saw the prints of the fingers left on the glass, distinct as if the skin had cut grooves in the surface and the grooves were wet.
  • After all, there are distinct classes of humanity—no, I’m not talking Toohey’s language—but there are certain boundary lines among men which cannot be crossed.
  • She had heard distinctly: "I don’t give a damn.
  • Ellsworth did not turn to the Stokeses behind him, but said, slowly, distinctly, looking at his mother and the minister: "Johnny is a dirty bully.
  • He muttered something rapid about his wishes for her happiness, but then he said distinctly and with a lively anger: "But why, Dominique?

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  • Martinez and his colleagues identified 21 distinct emotions made by the human face.
  • Two distinct brain networks guide our judgments.

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