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The Fountainhead
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as in: can't function well without sleep Define
work or operate -- sometimes to work or operate normally or in a particular way
  • I believe in functional economy.
  • The brilliant machine—and that, thought Scarret, was really the word which had always stood for Wynand in his mind—had never functioned better.

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  • I want to make it real, living, functioning, built.
  • This was reflected in the architecture of the period: the functional elements of a building—its doors, windows, stairways—were hidden under the scrolls of pointless ornamentation.
  • He had not stopped to see Manning drunk with exhaustion at the city desk, nor the people in the city room, still functioning, waiting, knowing what was being decided in the board room; nor Dominique.
  • It looked as if everything in that building were run by such control boards in the hands of an authority aware of every motion, as if the building were flowing with channeled energy, functioning smoothly, soundlessly, a magnificent machine that nothing could destroy.

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  • I don’t function well on less than six hours of sleep a night; and I do best on nine.
  • My brain does not function as well when I’m under stress.

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unspecified meaning
  • Perhaps of the greatest function among the endeavors of man.
  • He said only that the form of a building must follow its function; that the structure of a building is the key to its beauty; that new methods of construction demand new forms; that he wished to build as he wished and for that reason only.

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  • The directors were not certain of their functions or purpose.
  • It’s still being wasted, of course, if one thinks of form in relation to its proper function, but at least some people are getting some good out of it.
  • Well, they seem to exist and function.
  • Also, for the life of me, I can’t imagine Katie being very effective at a social function.
  • The gesture said that nothing ever done to him could alter the function of the thing within him that was now called into action.
  • If we seem to have forgotten our function as a critic of purely architectural values, we can say only that the occasion does not call for it.
  • Because—to quote my own article—it is not my function to be a fly swatter.
  • They were alone, but she sat like a lady at a public function; like a lovely dress dummy in a public show window—a window facing a busy intersection.

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  • To think, to feel, to judge, to act are functions of the ego.
  • All the functions of body and spirit are private.
  • These are functions of the self.
  • It was in strict accordance with the Banner’s function.
  • Your soul has a single basic function—the act of valuing.
  • That’s the only way I function.
  • When their brain begins to function, it will feel the pressure and it will explode.
  • It’s my only function and satisfaction.
  • Keating waited obediently; it seemed to make no difference; the sounds had stopped and it was now his function to wait until they started again.
  • It demands total independence in function and in motive.
  • He does not function through them.
  • They work together by free agreement and each is free in his proper function.
  • It is their proper function.
  • She thought: It’s a dry, mechanical job, to drive a car, so I know I’m very clearheaded; because driving seemed easy, like breathing or swallowing, an immediate function requiring no attention.
  • It would mean doing for you what I did for Peter Keating: lie, flatter, evade, compromise, pander to every ineptitude—in order to beg of them a chance for you, beg them to let you live, to let you function, to beg them, Roark, not to laugh at them, but to tremble because they hold the power to hurt you.
  • From this simplest necessity to the highest religious abstraction, from the wheel to the skyscraper, everything we are and everything we have comes from a single attribute of man—the function of his reasoning mind.
  • Under the old system of exploitation, the most useful social elements—the workers—were never permitted to realize their importance; their practical functions were kept hidden and disguised; thus a master had his servants dressed up in fancy gold-braided livery.
  • He said: "We are the guardians of a great human function.
  • …the snow or the grass of the hillsides, over the boulders and the piled planks, to the drafting tables, to the derricks, to the tops of rising walls—the man who had made this possible—the thought in the mind of that man—and not the content of that thought, nor the result, not the vision that had created Monadnock Valley, nor the will that had made it real—but the method of his thought, the rule of its function—the method and rule which were not like those of the world beyond the hills.
  • "It is not my function," said Wynand, "to help people preserve a self-respect they haven’t got.
  • # "It is not our function—paraphrasing a philosopher whom we do not like—to be a fly swatter, but when a fly acquires delusions of grandeur, the best of us must stoop to do a little job of extermination.

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as in: Its main function is to... Define
purpose, job, or natural activity
as in: can't function well without sleep Define
work or operate -- sometimes to work or operate normally or in a particular way
as in: I'm attending a function tonight Define
a social event or ceremony -- especially one attended for work or out of a sense of duty
as in: oxygen is a function of altitude Define
saying one results from another; or saying that the amount of one thing is dependent upon the value of another.
as in: Amazon's new search function Define
computer code that performs a specific task
as in: a mathematical function Define
a formula or mathematical expression that describes a relationship between variables
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