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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • One must never allow oneself to acquire an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance.
  • Readers acquired erudition without study, authority without cost, judgment without effort.
  • It’s something one acquires.
  • I have no organ to acquire it with.
  • The Heller house acquired fame throughout the countryside surrounding it.
  • She acquired a brisk little tone of condescension for the reporters.
  • She acquired a mink coat.
  • He had acquired the knowledge of one thing: he hated Roark.
  • At this period he began to acquire friends.
  • He had to beat that man; nothing else mattered; there was no Peter Keating, there was only a suction chamber, like the kind of tropical plant he’d heard about, a plant that drew an insect into its vacuum and sucked it dry and thus acquired its own substance.
  • Men like you and me would not survive beyond their first fifteen years if they did not acquire the patience of a Chinese executioner.
  • He acquired a sizable following among the young heirs, the second and third generation millionaires.
  • Toohey acquired a reputation and an unofficial monopoly.
  • It is impossible to change its nature once you’ve acquired it.
  • It is difficult enough to acquire fame.
  • You won’t have lost your identity—you will merely have acquired a broader one, an identity that will be part of everybody else and of the whole universe.
  • She wore a white silk dress with long sleeves and a cowl neck, a nun’s garment that acquired the startling effect of an evening gown only by being so flagrantly unsuited to that purpose.
  • Don’t go acquiring horror complexes about anyone as big as Ellsworth Toohey.
  • "You’re acquiring the bad habits of all commuters, Gail," she said, "imposing your country hours on guests from the city who are not used to them."
  • He had acquired a pleasant habit of dropping in and out of Scarret’s office at all hours.
  • She thought that relaxation was attractive only in those for whom it was an unnatural state; then even limpness acquired purpose.
  • Keating had acquired a sharp, intractable manner in the last few years.
  • She acquired an impatient anger against all those who disagreed with her political views.
  • She acquired a permanent job by getting herself appointed Director of Social Recreation for Cortlandt.
  • We must acquire a philosophical perspective.
  • The walls he had designed, the chairs he used, a package of his cigarettes on a table, the routine necessities of life that could acquire splendor when life became what it was now.
  • The most passionate objector was a young architect who made an eloquent speech, his voice trembling with the embarrassment of speaking in public for the first time; he said that he admired Ellsworth Toohey and had always agreed with Toohey’s social ideals, but if a group of people felt that some person was acquiring power over them, that was the time to fight such a person.
  • # "It is not our function—paraphrasing a philosopher whom we do not like—to be a fly swatter, but when a fly acquires delusions of grandeur, the best of us must stoop to do a little job of extermination.

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  • Children acquire language at an amazing rate.
  • They are working to acquire nuclear weapons.

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