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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • She turned to him, as if she were emerging from unconsciousness.
  • To be melted and to emerge as girders against the sky.
  • Richard Sanborn, aged twenty-four, who had been a brilliant student in college and was now slowly drinking himself to death, startled his family by emerging from his usual lethargy and declaring that the house was magnificent.
  • At a first glance upon Ellsworth Monkton Toohey one wished to offer him a heavy, well-padded overcoat—so frail and unprotected did his thin little body appear, like that of a chicken just emerging from the egg, in all the sorry fragility of unhardened bones.
  • Keating smiled like a boy emerging from a stream on a summer day, glowing, invigorated, restless with energy.
  • He walked through the streets of New York, wearing a broad-brimmed hat, a dark business suit, a pale green satin shirt, a vest of white brocade, a huge black bow emerging from under his chin, and he carried a staff, not a cane, but a tall ebony staff surmounted by a bulb of solid gold.
  • In the eyes of two reporters who emerged from an elevator in the lobby; in the pose of the elevator man who fought a desire to turn and stare back at him; in the sudden immobility of all the men in his anteroom, in the break of a typewriter’s clicking on the desk of one secretary, in the lifted hand of another—he saw the waiting.
  • Then he emerged into the reception room, shook Heller’s hand and suggested: "Would you mind stepping into the drafting room, Mr. Heller?
  • When Roark came to the office for his drawing instruments Snyte emerged into the reception room, shook his hand warmly and said: "Well, Roark!

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  • China recently emerged as a world power.
  • The idea emerged at a Student Council meeting.

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