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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • His hands had long fingers, hard veins, prominent joints and wristbones.
  • But the tenants of the Dana Building were not numerous; no prominent man wished his business to be located in a building that looked "like a warehouse."
  • The letter was addressed to a prominent architect; it was Roark’s introduction to a job.
  • He was a prominent architect; his expression did not change when he spoke of this fact.
  • He had heard that she’d been quite successful lately with descriptions of the homes of prominent New Yorkers.
  • He saw the long fingers, the sharp joints, the prominent veins.
  • It was an important meeting, with a militant, radical mood, led by some of the most prominent women in the field.
  • He wondered dimly why he was no longer introduced to prominent clients, why he never saw the sketches of their new buildings, until they were half erected.
  • They had come home from a tea party at the house of Vincent Knowlton, a prominent young society man, Keating’s new friend.
  • Wynand began to argue about the case—with the prominent men he met at business luncheons and dinners.
  • In the countries of Europe, most prominently in Germany, a new school of building had been growing for a long time: it consisted of putting up four walls and a flat top over them, with a few openings.
  • One note referred to Henry Cameron, "prominent once as one of the fathers of the so-called modern school of architecture and relegated since to a well-deserved oblivion.
  • "It’s not just a house, Mr. Roark," he said with timid diffidence, as if he were speaking to a man older and more prominent than himself, "it’s like…like a symbol to me.

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  • She is a prominent member of our community.
  • The committee has many prominent members, so its findings will be respected.

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