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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • Cameron did not want Roark’s continuous presence in his room.
  • She knew that a continuous struggle against the compulsion of a single desire was compulsion also, but it was the form she preferred to accept.
  • Drills bored forward with a low, continuous drone, the tension of the sound cutting through nerves, through skulls, as if the quivering tools were shattering slowly both the stone and the men who held them.
  • But she came to him continuously for minor advice.
  • Why should that particular title appear continuously, in the most inappropriate places?
  • He made his shoulders sag in an effort to achieve a relaxation that would not come; his arms were tense, drawn, and one elbow shuddered in a thin, continuous quiver.
  • # He did not think of Dominique often, but when he did, the thought was not a sudden recollection, it was the acknowledgment of a continuous presence that needed no acknowledgment.
  • The rock crystal forms mounted in such eloquent steps that the building did not seem stationary, but moving upward in a continuous flow—until one realized that it was only the movement of one’s glance and that one’s glance was forced to move in that particular rhythm.

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  • The national power grid is under almost continuous attack.
  • The study indicates that alternating walk and rest was more beneficial than continuous walking for people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

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