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The Fountainhead
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  • "I don’t want you to make excuses for me." He said it simply, without reproach.
  • He reproached himself silently; he made a determined effort to feel sorry.
  • He paid no attention to the reproaches or the questions.
  • "You know, Guy," said Keating, in a tone of patronizing reproach, "you shouldn’t have run away like that."
  • But he had gone to her again, a week later; she had not reproached him and they had not mentioned her uncle.
  • I know that you don’t want me to succeed—it’s all right, I’m not reproaching you, I’ve always known it—you don’t want me ever to reach these things you’re offering me.
  • Mrs. Keating sat under a lamp, mending a slight tear in the lining of Peter’s dinner jacket, reproaching him, between questions, for sitting on the floor in his dress trousers and best formal shirt.
  • He saw his son’s eyes looking at him blankly from behind the small glasses; the eyes were not ostentatiously sweet, not reproachful, not malicious; just blank.
  • His mother, whose arguments, opinions, reproaches he had never been able to stop, would not say another word about his marriage.
  • Kiki Holcombe wrinkled her nose in a cute little pout of reproach, but she liked the comparison to aristocracy.
  • He could find no word or gesture for which to reproach her.
  • And Ellsworth—Ellsworth said you’re a reproach to every other female shape on earth.
  • When the name of Gail Wynand became a threat in the publishing world, a group of newspaper owners took him aside—at a city charity affair which all had to attend—and reproached him for what they called his debasement of the public taste.
  • Mrs. Keating offered no suggestions, no reproaches.
  • They both smiled, and she knew that there would be no questions, no reproaches.
  • You’ve reproached me once for causing you to be obvious.
  • You’re so young…Once I reproached you for being too old and serious…Do you remember when you worked for me at Francon’s?
  • She felt no reproach from it.
  • I didn’t intend to reproach you in any way.
  • "Dearest…" It sounded like a reproach.
  • You’re a reproach.
  • A society woman wrote an article on the exotic shrines she had seen in her dangerous jungle travels, praised the touching faith of the savages and reproached modern man for cynicism; the Stoddard Temple, she said, was a symptom of softness and decadence; the illustration showed her in breeches, one slim foot on the neck of a dead lion.

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  • She reproached him for being thoughtless and lazy.
  • Don’t reproach yourself for things beyond your control.

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