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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • He said it without defiance, bitterness or proletarian arrogance; he said it as if it were a joke on him and—if one looked closely into his smile—on them.
  • Here they did not talk so much about the proletariat, but merely rebelled against the tyranny of reality and of the objective.
  • I always feel like a damn proletarian when I have to admit that I live in the city.
  • The Council signed a declaration which stated that writers were servants of the proletariat—but the statement did not sound as simple as that; it was more involved and much longer.
  • He’s the one who’s been a Yogi, then a vegetarian, then a Unitarian, then a nudist—and now he’s gone to build a palace of the proletariat in Moscow.
  • On the other hand I heard that some screwy bunch of cafeteria radicals called ’The New League of Proletarian Art’ tried to enlist in support of Howard Roark—they said he was a victim of capitalism—when they should have known that Hopton Stoddard is their champion.
  • And now I find that I regret the advantages I enjoyed in my former proletarian state.
  • Universal Harmony’—’Eternal Spirit’—’Divine Purpose’—’Nirvana’—’Paradise’—’Racial Supremacy’—’The Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
  • The individual held as evil, the mass—as God, No motive and no virtue permitted—except that of service to the proletariat.

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  • Marx did not envision a generally satisfied proletariat that found meaning and financial reward in their work.
  • Marx expected the proletariat to rise in rebellion.

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