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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • In that one moment of silence, the guests felt no envy, no resentment, no malice.
  • It was not malice.
  • He saw his son’s eyes looking at him blankly from behind the small glasses; the eyes were not ostentatiously sweet, not reproachful, not malicious; just blank.
  • I can understand ignorant malice.
  • It seems as if a deliberate malice had reversed in this building every conception proper to a religious structure.
  • I simply miscalculated the direction of your malice.
  • A special kind of malice.
  • Then he sat facing Roark in the study of his penthouse—and he felt no pain; only a desire to laugh without malice.
  • Notice the malice toward an independent man.
  • You didn’t even have the courage of your own malice.
  • I think some buildings are cheap show-offs, all front, and some are cowards, apologizing for themselves in every brick, and some are the eternal unfit, botched, malicious and false.
  • It had left on all a single mark in common: on lips smiling with malice, on lips loose with renunciation, on lips tight with uncertain dignity—on all—the mark of suffering.
  • Her steps defied the whole world to hurt her, with a malicious slyness that seemed to say she would like nothing better, because what a joke it would be on the world if it tried to hurt her, just try it and see, just try it.
  • He snapped orders and lost his patience before the smallest difficulty; when he lost his patience, he screamed at people: he had a vocabulary of insults that carried a caustic, insidious, almost feminine malice; his face was sullen.
  • He answered: "I can understand stupid malice.

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  • I am not interested in hearing malicious gossip.
  • Words can be like baseball bats when used maliciously.
    Sidney Madwed

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