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The Fountainhead
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impertinent -- as in: she was impertinent
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The Fountainhead
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  • He makes you feel it would be an impertinence to like him.
  • Listen, you impertinent fool, this is incredible!
  • You’re impertinent.
  • It was not jealousy; she did not care whether the face was a man’s or a woman’s; she resented the approval as an impertinence.
  • The impertinence of it amused Wynand, as Toohey had known it would.
  • These children had filthy clothes and smudged faces, agile little bodies, impertinent grins, and eyes bright with a roaring, imperious, demanding intelligence.
  • But he sat down on the edge of the crumpled bed and slumped forward, his glance like a sensitive scale weighing Roark’s features, impertinent in its open action of appraisal.
  • He wore them with the careless impertinence of utter ease in the unbecoming, and the very grotesqueness of his appearance became a declaration of his superiority, a superiority great enough to warrant disregard of so much ungainliness.
  • His nonchalance had an air of gracious informality and a touch of impertinence, as if the people around him did not deserve the preservation of rigid good manners.
  • But he knew that Gordon L. Prescott and Gus Webb represented so impertinent, so vicious a fraud that to suspend the evidence of his eyes was beyond his elastic capacity.
  • Years ago, thinking of Gail Wynand, she had wondered how such a man faced his life and his work; she expected boasting and a hidden sense of shame, or impertinence flaunting its own guilt.
  • "Well, if you’re going to be impertinent" Mrs. Sanborn began, but Mr. Sanborn exploded: "Christ, Fanny!

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  • It was impertinent of the child to lecture a grownup.
  • He deemed all such inquiries on the part of a slave improper and impertinent, and evidence of a restless spirit.
    Douglass, Frederick  --  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass An American Slave

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