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The Fountainhead
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Used In
The Fountainhead
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  • He looked at her silently, his face earnest, his eyes gentle.
  • The heavy earnestness of that sentence was such a hint that Keating’s lips moved to shape a soft whistle, but he caught himself in time.
  • Keating displayed an earnest knowledge of the subject, though he had never heard of old porcelain till the night before, which he had spent at the public library.
  • I am sorry that I haven’t had a long, earnest talk with you much earlier…I know, I know, I know, don’t interrupt me, you’ve seen a modernistic building or two, and it gave you ideas.
  • But the earnest attention in his eyes changed him, his mocking gaiety vanished and he forgot his own advice, he was being serious, very serious indeed.
  • "I can’t work for you, Mr. Wynand," he said with desperate earnestness, "because you…you have no ideals."
  • Mallory spoke earnestly, his voice sober.
  • She said earnestly: "I forgive you, Peter."
  • I am—essentially—such an earnest, single-toned Puritan that I must allow myself another color occasionally—to relieve the monotony.
  • Then the smile vanished, and Francon’s face looked earnest, peaceful, frankly aged, in one of his rare flashes of genuine dignity.
  • Hopton Stoddard spoke slowly; it sounded earnest and impressive, but was due to the fact that he had memorized his speeches almost verbatim.
  • Then his face became earnest again.
  • The voice was not mocking, but earnest.
  • He was willing to discuss—with the same gentle, earnest concentration—the choice of classes, or love affairs, or—most particularly—the selection of a future career.
  • # The letter on Cameron’s desk informed him regretfully that after earnest consideration, the board of directors of the Security Trust Company had not been able to accept his plans for the building to house the new Astoria branch of the Company and that the commission had been awarded to the firm of Gould & Pettingill.
  • After the Stoddard trial many earnest discussions were held informally in the club rooms of the A.G.A. The attitude of the A.G.A. toward Ellsworth Toohey had not been cordial, particularly since the establishment of his Council.
  • It was an earnest occupation, giving her full contentment.
  • Her fingers were not clinging tensely against the rail, betraying a need of support, giving importance to the moment; they relaxed and closed about the rail; as if she had taken hold of some reins, carelessly, because the occasion required no earnest effort any longer.
  • "There was one, Red," he said earnestly, over his fifth beer, "one only and you’d be too young to know about him, but that was the only man that knew building.
  • She said earnestly: "Peter, if I ever want to punish myself for something terrible, if I ever want to punish myself disgustingly—I’ll marry you.
  • And had added, with his charming knack for destroying the earnestness of his own moment: "I like to indulge in the luxury of commenting solely upon interesting subjects.
  • "Dominique, my dear," he said, with earnest, sincere concern, "I wish I’d been your father.
  • A little later Keating heard Toohey saying solemnly in the midst of some earnest discussion: "Happiness?
  • Once, at a party, a smug, boorish businessman listened to Toohey’s earnest social theories for a while and said complacently: "Well, I wouldn’t know much about all that intellectual stuff.
  • Wynand’s voice, refusing earnestness, refusing guilt, had sounded exactly like the voice that had said: "Forget the Stoddard Temple.
  • His manner puzzled her: it was gay, but the sense of calm in the gaiety suggested a peculiar earnestness.

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  • Both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate.
  • She has a casual, go-with-the-flow personality and doesn’t appreciate his earnestness.

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