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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • had to endure the derisive glances
  • He aroused a half-admiring, half-derisive awe by the incoherent variety of his sudden ventures.
  • He smiled, a faint smile of derision.
  • When Joel Sutton left him, Roark heard a bright voice saying: "Congratulations, Howard," and turned to find Peter Keating smiling at him radiantly and derisively.
  • Then she saw a movement in the cloth of his shirt, one jolt of controlled breath—and she smiled in her turn, derisively, as he had always smiled at her.
  • She wished she could find some hint in his face, if only a hint of his old derisive smile; even mockery would be an acknowledgment and a tie; she found nothing.
  • She waited to see the derisive smile, but it did not come.
  • He laughed aloud; it was not derision or indignation; just pure gaiety greeting the point of a silly joke.
  • Then Toohey said slowly, strangely, derisively: "You and I, we’re going to be great friends, Peter.

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  • Critics derided her as unprofessional.
  • He derided his student’s attempt to solve the biggest problem in mathematics

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