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The Fountainhead
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The Fountainhead
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  • The proper creative process is a slow, gradual, anonymous, collective one, in which each man collaborates with all the others and subordinates himself to the standards of the majority.
  • I don’t consult, I don’t cooperate, I don’t collaborate.
  • He wants a council, a conference, co-operation and collaboration.
  • You told them you don’t co-operate or collaborate.
  • One can’t collaborate on one’s own job.
  • I mean, two heads are better than one, you know, and eight heads…why, you can see for yourself—the best talents of the country, the brightest names—you know, friendly consultation, co-operation and collaboration—you know what makes great achievements.

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  • The websites lets you collaborate with others on documents.
  • Students are encouraged to collaborate for this project.

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