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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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as in: reflect the light/heat/sound Define
bounce back (rather than absorbing)
  • The voice slowed down and added in an impersonal, reflective manner, as if the words were not addressed to anyone, "Of course, I’d have the problem of maintaining a certain social position …. it’s not my fault if I’ll be embarrassed by a family name associated with a millionaire…… I would need enough money for a year or two …. to establish myself in a manner suitable to my-"

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  • We’re replacing all the warning signs with signs that reflect headlights in the dark.
  • The stop signs in this neighborhood reflect light, so you won’t miss them even if there isn’t a nearby street light.

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unspecified meaning
  • The bum leaned against the side of the doorway; a wedge of broken glass behind him reflected the metal yellow of the sky.
  • His face was open, its rapid changes of expression reflecting whatever he felt, as if he had nothing to hide.

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  • I am humbly aware that the wife of a great man has to be contented with reflected glory-don’t you think so, Miss Taggart?
  • You will cut all official connection with us, so that your activities will not reflect upon our reputation?
  • Only the thought of it-and a few rare moments, like a few lights reflected from it on her way-to know, to hold, to follow to the end …. She raised her head.
  • He knew every shade of sensation ever reflected in Dagny’s face; he had known that she had felt no shock; he had seen nothing but an untouched serenity.
  • Among the colors of a picture post card, the car’s hood looked like the work of a jeweler, with the sun sparkling on its chromium steel, and its black enamel reflecting the sky.
  • As she looked at him, her dark gray eyes went slowly from astonishment to stillness, then to a strange expression that resembled a look of weariness, except that it seemed to reflect much more than the endurance of this one moment.
  • The air seemed torn to rags, reflecting a raging flame that was not there, red blotches whirling and running through space, as if not to be contained within a man-made structure, as if about to consume the columns, the girders, the bridges of cranes overhead.
  • Nobody invents anything, he merely reflects what’s floating in the social atmosphere.

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  • He will always be attracted to the woman who reflects his deepest vision of himself, the woman whose surrender permits him to experience-or to fake-a sense of self-esteem.
  • The windows were now sheets of darkness, reflecting the dots of lighted cigarettes.
  • He saw his own smile reflected in Francisco’s face.
  • The floor of the valley was like a pool still reflecting the glow of the sky, but the light was thickening from gold to copper, the shores were fading and the peaks were smoke-blue-when they drove to Mulligan’s house.
  • She watched the course of his struggle, whether by means of his steps, begun in one direction and swerving in another, or by means of her certainty that her body had become an instrument for the direct perception of his, like a screen reflecting both movements and motives-she could not tell.
  • But the man who is convinced of his own worthlessness will be drawn to a woman he despises-because she will reflect his own secret self, she will release him from that objective reality in which he is a fraud, she will give him a momentary illusion of his own value and a momentary escape from the moral code that damns him.
  • Dagny noticed the first flicker of feeling in Lillian’s lifeless eyes: it resembled pleasure, but so distantly that it looked like sunlight reflected from the dead surface of the moon to the stagnant water of a swamp; it flickered for an instant and went.
  • The flames that went up to the sky of a winter night and devoured a home in Wyoming were not seen by the people of Kansas, who watched a trembling red glow on the prairie horizon, made by the flames that went up to devour a farm, and the glow was not reflected by the windows of a street in Pennsylvania, where the twisting red tongues were reflections of the flames that went up to devour a factory.
  • It was his eyes and hair that she saw first-the ruthlessly perceptive eyes, the streaks of hair shaded from gold to copper that seemed to reflect the glow of sunlight in the murk of the underground-she saw John Galt among the chain gang of the mindless, John Galt in greasy overalls and rolled shirt sleeves, she saw his weightless way of standing, his face held lifted, his eyes looking at her as if he had seen this moment many moments ago.

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as in: reflect in the mirror Define
show an image back (on a mirror or other shiny surface)
as in: reflect American Values Define
represent, demonstrate, or express
as in: I want to reflect on it. Define
think carefully -- possibly aloud or in writing
as in: reflect poorly on the school Define
influence opinion
as in: reflect the light/heat/sound Define
bounce back (rather than absorbing)
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