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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • He did not think of what it was that must not stop him, or why this sentence was such a crucial absolute.
  • At such a moment, when crucial issues hang in the balance, you choose to waste your time on looking for some one employee?
  • But I should like to speak to him on a matter of business of crucial importance.
  • So are Mr. Balch of the Emergency Commission, Mr. Anderson of Crucial Supplies and Mr. Pettibone of Consumers’ Protection.
  • It’s so wonderful to see a great, new, crucial idea which is not mine!
  • The interview was devoted to the subject of the grave social responsibility of metallurgists, stressing the fact that metal performed so many crucial tasks where human lives depended on its quality.
  • It was a net of connections, more intricate, more crucial than all of their wires and circuits: the rational connections made by that human mind which had fashioned any one part of them for the first time.
  • "When we think of the natural resources, at a time of critical shortage," Boyle said softly, "when we think of the crucial raw materials that are being wasted on an irresponsible private experiment, when we think of the ore ." He did not finish.
  • I don’t have to explain to you the crucial need of Washington assistance to higher education.
  • Mr. Danagger, I came here to speak to you about a matter of crucial importance to the future of your business and mine.
  • Do you think I’ll let your miserable technological problems interfere with crucial social issues?
  • This is a crucial moment in the history of mankind!
  • To move-had been the words beating in her mind with peculiar urgency-to move-as if movement had become an end in itself, crucial, absolute and doomed.
  • Then I wouldn’t count on making a crucial journey by train.
  • It’s only that I, too, have a crucial purpose out West, where I ought to hurry, so I was thinking of trying to catch a plane, but I can’t do it and it’s not necessary.
  • We realize that you were prompted to disregard legal technicalities by the critical situation of the coal mines and the crucial importance of fuel to the public welfare.
  • The search ended when Eugene Lawson came to shake Taggart’s hand and to say, his wet lower lip twisting like a cushion to soften the blow, "Mr. Mouch couldn’t come, Jim, Mr. Mouch is so sorry, he had a special plane chartered, but at the last minute things came up, crucial national problems, you know."
  • An emergency file in her office kept a record of all the crucial materials still on hand, on every division of Taggart Transcontinental.
  • She did not ask why those men chose to make all their crucial decisions at parties of this kind; she knew that they did.
  • Nothing but a man’s mind can perform that complex, delicate, crucial process of identification which is thinking.
  • Although the gift program has gone through quite smoothly, there are still a few stubborn individualists left, who have failed to sign-small fry, really, whose patents are of no crucial value, but we cannot let them remain unbound, as a matter of principle, you understand.
  • "Dagny, it’s imperative, it’s crucial, there’s nothing to be done about it, to refuse is out of the question, in times like these one has no choice, and-" She glanced at her watch.
  • He knew that the darkest secret of the occasion-more crucial, more untouchable, more deadly than whatever was hidden in the mushroom building-was that which had made him agree to come.
  • He had added, in the monotone of reciting some impersonal, statistical report, "The newspapers are yelling that coal is now the most crucial commodity in the country.
  • He sat up straight, buttressed by the columns of paragraphs on yellow-tinged paper, which he was seeing in his mind: "At a time of crucial public need, are we to waste social effort on the manufacture of obsolete products?
  • "Through all the ages," he said, "the mind has been regarded as evil, and every form of insult: from heretic to materialist to exploiterevery form of iniquity: from exile to disfranchisement to expropriation-every form of torture: from sneers to rack to firing squadhave been brought down upon those who assumed the responsibility of looking at the world through the eyes of a living consciousness and performing the crucial act of a rational connection.

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  • Doing well on the SAT is crucial to getting into the college I want to attend.
  • The information is crucial to making a good decision.

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