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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • He knew that it was necessary to have a man to protect him from the legislature; all industrialists had to employ such men.
  • He seemed unusually skillful at obtaining favors from the Legislature.
  • There are certain bills pending in the Legislature, which may be passed at any moment.
  • I thought I must tell you that the Legislature has just passed the Equalization of Opportunity Bill.
  • The Legislature has passed a Bill giving wider powers to the Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources.
  • My grandfather was a member of the national legislature.
  • It’s not illegal, because the Legislature passed a law last month giving him the power to issue directives.
  • The Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule was described as a measure of "voluntary self-regulation" intended "the better to enforce" the laws long since passed by the country’s Legislature.
  • It was said that in the wilderness of the Middle West, he murdered a state legislator who attempted to revoke a charter granted to him, to revoke it when his rail was laid halfway across the state; some legislators had planned to make a fortune on Taggart stock-by selling it short.
  • The issue had hung in the balance; an obscure group of scientists had quietly forced a bill through its long way to the floor of the Legislature; there had been some public hesitation about the bill, some doubt, an uneasiness no one could define.
  • Wesley doesn’t want what’s-his-name-whoever’s running against you-to get into the Legislature.
  • For reasons of his own particular strategy, Kip Chalmers had decided to enter popular politics and to run for election as Legislator from California, though he knew nothing about that state except the movie industry and the beach clubs.
  • It’s the date of some special session of their legislature.
  • Their state legislature’s been acting pretty huffy.
  • Majority Leader of the National Legislature, Mr. Lucian Phelps! . Mr. Wesley Mouch! . Mr. Thompson!
  • She had flown to Chicago, that night, she had got three lawyers, a judge and a state legislator out of bed, she had bribed two of them and threatened the others, she had obtained a paper that was an emergency permit of a legality no one would ever be able to untangle, she had had the padlocked doors of the Summit Casting plant unlocked and a random, half-dressed crew working at the smelters before the windows had turned gray with daylight.
  • A special session of the legislature of the People’s State of Chile had been called for ten o’clock this morning, to pass an act of utmost importance to the people of Chile, Argentina and other South American People’s States.
  • Her glance moved slowly down the line-up of his table: Mr. Thompson, Wesley Mouch, Chick Morrison, some generals, some members of the Legislature and, preposterously, Mr. Mowen chosen as a bribe to Galt, as a symbol of big business.
  • "I am proud to pay tribute tonight," said the leader of the Legislature, the next speaker, "to the greatest economic organizer the world has ever discovered, the most gifted administrator, the most brilliant planner-John Galt, the man who will save us! I am here to thank him in the name of the people!"
  • In line with the enlightened policy of Senior Ramirez, the new Head of the Chilean State-who came to power on the moral slogan that man is his brother’s keeper-the legislature was to nationalize the Chilean properties of d’Anconia Copper, thus opening the way for the People’s State of Argentina to nationalize the rest of the d’Anconia properties the world over.
  • The day had started with a small luncheon in the hotel suite of a visiting Argentinian legislator, where a few people of various nationalities had talked at leisurely length about the climate of Argentina, its soil, its resources, the needs of its people, the value of a dynamic, progressive attitude toward the future-and had mentioned, as the briefest topic of conversation, that Argentina would be declared a People’s State within two weeks.

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  • The state legislature passed a law to increase the minimum wage, but the governor vetoed it while claiming it would reduce the number of entry-level jobs for young people.
  • She is running for the state legislature.

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