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Atlas Shrugged
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Used In
Atlas Shrugged
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  • ...this country displayed to an incredulous world what greatness was possible to man, what happiness was possible on earth.
  • She watched him incredulously for a while, before she raised her voice to ask, "Tell me please, what are you whistling?"
  • In Rearden’s pause of incredulous silence, he pointed at the crowd in the drawing room.
  • "The Music Publishing Company?" he repeated incredulously.
  • She looked at him incredulously.
  • At first, he had seen her eyes growing dark with incredulous shock.
  • Then he smiled, and she saw, incredulously, that the smile held sadness and pity.
  • He spread his arms wide, looking incredulous and slightly indignant.
  • He looked at her incredulously, not quite believing what she was or what he felt.
  • Rearden turned and looked at the speaker incredulously.
  • She glanced at him incredulously.
  • The man leaned back, looked at Rearden incredulously and asked, "What are you after?"
  • She stared incredulously, in turn, silenced by shock.
  • She looked at him incredulously.
  • She still smiled with incredulous gratitude when newspaper people wanted to take her picture, but she wished they would not do it so often.
  • She opened it and stared in incredulous bewilderment at a pendant made of a single pear-shaped ruby that spurted a violent fire on the white satin of the jeweler’s box.
  • She knew that every gesture of her desire for him struck him like a blow, that there was some shudder of incredulous anger within him-yet that no gesture would satisfy his greed for every evidence of her desire.
  • She had ordered him out of her office, and had sat in incredulous horror before the fact that the most vicious statement she had ever heard had been uttered in a tone of moral righteousness.
  • Rearden saw incredulously that Francisco’s eyes had a hard, bright look, the look, not of a party hound, but of a man of action.
  • He was looking at her incredulously, in cold, astonished curiosity.
  • She was staring at him incredulously.
  • "Two hundred dollars?" she repeated incredulously; the price seemed much too low.
  • "What?" asked Danneskjold softly, incredulously.
  • In the next instant, he flung his body upward to a kneeling posture, looking at Rearden with a smile of incredulous pleasure.
  • In a fury of incredulous disappointment, she looked frantically for any single feminine figure he could, have left behind.
  • Opening his report, she read-with a shock of incredulous anger-that he had stopped work in the mountain section of Winston, Colorado.
  • Kip Chalmers glanced out with incredulous anger at the few shanties on a desolate mountainside and at the ancient hovel of a station.
  • "Hello, Miss Taggart," he answered, with an astonished smile that held a touch of incredulous pleasure-and of wistfulness.
  • She had always wondered, in incredulous contempt, about the sects that preached the annihilation of the universe as the ideal to be attained.
  • She was listening to him with an eager, incredulous smile.
  • Francisco grinned with shocked, incredulous amusement.
  • "Yes," she said incredulously, "I do," incredulously because she was hearing her own symbol of moral pride, chosen by a man she had least expected to choose it.
  • "Yes," she said incredulously, "I do," incredulously because she was hearing her own symbol of moral pride, chosen by a man she had least expected to choose it.
  • "Mr. Rearden?" she asked incredulously, unable to believe either.
  • She looked at him, her eyes incredulously wide.
  • He turned incredulously to look at his mother.
  • "You, Mr. Rearden?" said Holloway incredulously.
  • "In Washington?" she asked incredulously, glancing at her watch.
  • He ran his hand over her forehead, with a gesture of understanding, of compassion, of an almost incredulous wonder.
  • "What are you trying to do, Jim?" she asked, her voice incredulous and distant.
  • The boy jerked back, raising his head with a shock of incredulous, indignant astonishment.
  • Dagny’s shock of emotion, incredulous, warm and painful, was the wordless equivalent of the sentence: What a distance to travel in less than a year . !
  • She saw a look of astonishment, of incredulous recognition on Cherryl’s face, as if the girl were struggling to recapture some sensation across a span of years.
  • It was hard to decipher emotions on Brent’s cowboy face, but Mitchum saw something that resembled a look of incredulous horror; only it was horror at some sight of his own, not at the words, and it had no quality of fear, not the kind of fear Mitchum had hoped for.
  • They fought for movement, for movement with no thought of destination, for movement as such, like a paralytic under a stroke, struggling in wild, stiff, incredulous jerks against the realization that movement was suddenly impossible.
  • Francisco smiled, a smile of greeting to a childhood friend on a summer morning, as if nothing else had ever been possible between themand Rearden found himself smiling in answer, some part of him feeling an incredulous wonder, yet knowing that it was irresistibly right.
  • Incredulously, he realized what it was that had been expected of him: he, the victim, chained, bound, gagged and left with no recourse save to bribery, had been expected to believe that the farce he had purchased was a process of law, that the edicts enslaving him had moral validity, that he was guilty of corrupting the integrity of the guardians of justice, and that the blame was his, not theirs.
  • Dagny looked at her incredulously and answered, "What do you think I’m having?
  • I meant-" It was a sudden, desperate cry of incredulous anger: "Mr. Rearden, they have no right to do it!"
  • You’ll do nothing of the kind!" she gasped, too incredulous to be angry.
  • He . he works there . there ." He kept pointing at the building with incredulous helplessness.
  • He laughed in their faces, with bitterly incredulous contempt, "You don’t know what you’re doing, you miserable juvenile delinquents!
  • And if you were trying-" He did not finish; he looked at the three faces before him, and a sudden smile ended his sentence, a smile of weariness, of pity, of incredulous revulsion.
  • He saw the struggle in her face, the tension of an incredulous protest against herself-and she heard the sound of his voice through the strands of her hair pressed to his lips: "Don’t think of them now.
  • It was like a spurt of blood from a sudden crack in a wound that had almost closed: Stadler’s face was open, open in pain, in horror, in sincerity, as if, for that moment, both he and Ferris were human beings, while he moaned with incredulous despair: "In a civilized century, Ferris, in a civilized century!

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  • I find it incredulous that you believe she is sincere.
  • I was incredulous. I just didn’t believe her.

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