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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • I am endeavoring to suggest that we keep the discussion on a friendly plane.
  • The whole sphere of human endeavors, with one exception, left him blankly indifferent; he had no touch of that which people called culture.
  • We cannot expect their support for any endeavor of the intellect, for any goal of the spirit.
  • Bill Brent could have— beaten him in any contest of technology, but here was an endeavor at which he could beat Bill Brent without effort.
  • At seventy, he was an obese old man with retouched hair and a manner of scornful cynicism retouched by quotations from the yogis about the futility of all human endeavor.
  • But the man who produces an idea in any field of rational endeavor-the man who discovers new knowledge-is the permanent benefactor of humanity.
  • …had to find another company to deal with, the supply of copper was becoming increasingly uncertain…… Philip did not smile, when he looked up in the midst of a speech he was making to some friend of their mother’s, about some organization he had joined, but there was something that suggested a smile of superiority in the loose muscles of his face when he said, "No, you wouldn’t care for this, it’s not business, Henry, not business at all, it’s a strictly non-commercial endeavor."

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  • I endeavored to get both sides to agree to a compromise.
  • I will endeavor to finish by Friday.

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