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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • The shadow lay still for a moment, wavered, and grew longer again as he came back.
  • But some sort of abnormal activity was churning in the patches of darkness and in the glare of some wavering spotlights: there were armored trucks and running figures and shouted orders and the gleam of bayonets.
  • The needle within her wavered for a moment, burning its oscillating way between two courses: should she say that he would not, and see them kill him?-should she say that he would, and see them hold onto their power till they destroyed the world?
  • It was his tone of overbearing authority, his contempt and their own panic-the blind panic of men of unbridled violence, who have no standards of safety or danger-that made them waver and wonder whether he was, perhaps, some secret top-level member of their leadership; they were equally ready to defy or to obey any authority.
  • The shaft of red smoke that shot to the sky on the night of January 22 and stood abnormally still for a while, like a solemn memorial obelisk, then wavered and swept back and forth across the sky, like a searchlight sending some undecipherable message, then went out as abruptly as it had come, marked the end of Rearden Steel-but the inhabitants of the area did not know it.
  • …chuckle, and a club in a rising fist-he heard the sound of running steps approaching from another direction, he attempted to turn his head, then the club crashed down on his skull from behind-and in the moment of splitting darkness, when he wavered, refusing to believe it, then felt himself going down, he felt a strong, protective arm seizing him and breaking his fall, he heard a gun exploding an inch above his ear, then another explosion from the same gun in the same second, but it…
  • "Shoot, you bastards!" screamed the chief to the wavering men.

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  • Through good times and bad her love for him has never wavered.
  • We are looking for someone who won’t waver when things get tough.

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