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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • They certainly provided a spectacle of squirming on the grand scale.
  • Dagny, didn’t you enjoy the spectacle of the behavior of the People’s State of Mexico in regard to the San Sebastian Mines?
  • They were indifferent to the issue, they were merely amused by the spectacle of someone’s embarrassment.
  • He found himself held by the spectacle of a woman who was obviously pursuing him but with obvious reluctance, as if against her own will, as if fighting a desire she resented.
  • The spectacle of a man acting with assurance, was a life belt thrown to her at a moment when she had forgotten the hope of its existence.
  • It is a spectacle of this kind that makes one feel the insignificance of man.’
  • The impossible spectacle of shabby little incompetents holding control over the products of genius-who made it possible?
  • She had felt as if she knew the meaning of that spectacle, knew it with no further questions and had to escape it.
  • I keep thinking that this was what she would have enjoyed-the spectacle of those passengers tonight.
  • He sat watching her movements with an open grin, as if the sight of her laying out cutlery on a kitchen table were the spectacle of some special paradox.
  • He had not said a word, he had stepped back and turned her over to the others, and he sat watching it as a spectacle in which he had no further part to play.
  • Taggart knew that the men who had crawled at his feet a moment ago, whose hatred for Francisco d’Anconia was, perhaps, greater than his own, were enjoying the spectacle none the less.
  • But her eyes kept coming back to him, drawn by the certainty that the spectacle was of his choice and staging, that he had set it in motion long ago, and that all the others knew it as she knew it.
  • This-thought Dagny, with a sickened amusement-was the spectacle of the sincerity of the dishonest.
  • Feeling nothing but the emptiness of wonder, he observed the thing which he had glimpsed briefly in the past and was now seeing in the full ugliness of its futility: the spectacle of pleas for pity delivered, in snarling hatred, as threats and as demands.
  • You blank out the open, public spectacle of the looters’ fight against the mind, and the fact that their bloodiest horrors are unleashed to punish the crime of thinking.
  • She looked at the spectacle of the most ingenious mining machinery she had ever seen, then at the trail where the plodding hoofs and swaying shapes of mules provided the most ancient form of transportation.
  • There was a sound of exultant laughter under the angry violence of her voice, her face was lifted, her eyes seemed to be greeting some spectacle at an incalculable distance, so that the glowing patch on her forehead did not look like the reflection of a studio spotlight, but of a sunrise.
  • When men reduce their virtues to the approximate, then evil acquires the force of an absolute, when loyalty to an unyielding purpose is dropped by the virtuous, it’s picked up by scoundrels-and you get the indecent spectacle of a cringing, bargaining, traitorous good and a self-righteously uncompromising evil.
  • The three grandstands were spaced at intervals in a semi-curve, like the tiers of a small, private circus, with room for some three hundred people; they seemed built for the viewing of some spectacle-but they faced the emptiness of a flat prairie stretching off to the horizon, with nothing in sight but the dark blotch of a farmhouse miles away.
  • No matter what unintelligible causes he ascribes to his incommunicable feelings, whoever rejects reality rejects existence-and the feelings that move him from then on are hatred for all the values of man’s life, and lust for all the evils that destroy it, A mystic relishes the spectacle of suffering, of poverty, subservience and terror; these give him a feeling of triumph, a proof of the defeat of rational reality.

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  • Marcus and his brother will enjoy such a spectacle.
    Sabaa Tahir  --  An Ember in the Ashes
  • But instead of listening to him I would have you day by day fix your eyes upon the greatness of Athens, until you become filled with the love of her; and when you are impressed by the spectacle of her glory, reflect that this empire has been acquired by men who knew their duty and had the courage to do it, who in the hour of conflict had the fear of dishonor always present to them, and who, if ever they failed in an enterprise, would not allow their virtues to be lost to their country,
    Thucydides  --  Pericles’s Funeral Oration

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