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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • There was still a remnant of sunset light in the sky,
  • It had been an office building, long ago; she saw the sky through the naked steel skeleton and the angular remnants of the bricks that had crumbled.
  • It was late and the lights were like the last sparks left glittering on the black remnants of a bonfire.
  • She picked up a glass and swallowed the stale remnant of a drink.
  • Yet it was still the remnant of Halley’s melody that gave it form; it was the melody that supported it like a spinal cord.
  • Twisted remnants of leaves now hung on the branches beyond the train’s roof line, and the passengers wore furs and mufflers, as they climbed aboard.
  • The corpse they saw in the weeds by the roadside was a rusty cylinder with bits of glass-the remnant of a gas-station pump.
  • It was the broken remnant of the model of a motor.
  • It was a thin sheaf of typewritten pages clamped together-the remnant of a manuscript.
  • He sat looking at the remnant, intent on some thought of his own; it did not seem to be a happy thought.
  • She looked at the object before her, a glass case containing the remnant of the motor.
  • I found a broken remnant of it in the ruins of the Twentieth Century factory.
  • She held the small remnant to the light of the dashboard, looking for the name of the brand.
  • The only remnant of her personal quest was the stub of the cigarette with the dollar sign.
  • She handed him photographs of the motor and the remnant of the manuscript.
  • There were also remnants of things which had not been brought here by the owner of that room: popcorn wrappers, a whiskey bottle, a confession magazine.
  • A wall of rock shot upward in their path, filling the windshield, darkening the cab, so close that it seemed as if the remnant of time could not let them escape it.
  • Dagny placed the remnant of the motor into a vault in one of the tunnels; the vault had once contained an emergency electric generator, which had been removed long ago.
  • There was a remnant of light on the hill, but a blue haze was moving in upon the valleys, and the red and gold of the leaves was spreading to the sky in strips of sunset.
  • The sea rolled softly, in sprays of yellow and orange, with a few red jets shooting up on the hillsides, with pools of remnant green in the hollows, under a pure blue sky.
  • They had walked through the ledges of an empty pit, with the remnants of a crane like a skeleton bending above them against the sky, and someone’s rusted lunchbox clattering away from under their feet.
  • The popcorn wrappers and the whiskey bottle testified to the kind of invading hordes that had rolled through the room, like waves washing the remnants of destruction away to unknown bottoms.
  • The remnant of violence, the emotion rising as a thin trembling within her, was not for the man she was going to see; it was a cry of protest against a sacrilege-against the destruction of what had been greatness.
  • The first one, after studying the remnants of the motor and of the manuscript, had declared, in the tone of a drill sergeant, that the thing could not work, had never worked and he would prove that no.
  • There were remnants of a breakfast on the table.
  • He glanced down at the table, and he noticed the butts of many cigarettes among the remnants of food on the worker’s plate.
  • Beyond the window, at the edge of the table, storm clouds had wiped out the last remnants of light in the eastern sky.
  • And the sole chain still holding him was only a last remnant of pity.
  • He could not accept it; he could not lose whatever remnant of his vision he still retained.
  • But he shook his head: this was only an old thought, last year’s thought, a remnant of the time when he had trusted them, too.
  • Should she tell him to stop and to let the remnant of the motor vanish in rust on some such junk pile as the one where she had found it?
  • There was still a remnant of daylight beyond the windows.
  • You remember, the motor I told you about, the remnant that she found…… Daniels?
  • There was no remnant of a plane’s wreck.
  • There was no trace of exhaustion left in her bearing and no remnant of violence.
  • There was, even within the four men who had listened, a remnant of human dignity, which made them sit still and feel sick for the length of one minute.
  • The two words seemed to fall with a singular emphasis; they were pronounced very quietly, almost cautiously, with no remnant of a smile on Francisco’s face.
  • The room looked as if it had been an experimental laboratory-if she was right in judging the purpose of the torn remnants she saw on the walls: a great many electrical outlets, bits of heavy cable, lead conduits, glass tubing, built-in cabinets without shelves or doors.
  • From the height of the room, the city looked like a flattened remnant, with but a few rare, lonely streaks of lighted glass still rising through the darkness to the sky.
  • The remnant of a smile stayed on her face as she moved through the crowd, a fluid smile that ran softly into the look of tension and boredom worn by all the faces around her.
  • There was nothing but the strong summer starlight to guide him, as he walked, but he could distinguish the highway and the remnant of a stone fence ahead, at the corner of a country crossroad.
  • It was right there, on the construction site by the river, in the old railway coach where he lived, with the door open to the view of the blackened ruin, with the wooden remnants still smoking over the twisted steel.
  • "I kept flying over the district between Afton, Utah, and Winston, Colorado, over every peak and crevice of it, over every remnant of a car in any gully below, and whenever I saw one, I-" He stopped; it looked like a shudder.
  • There was neither thought nor feeling left in him, nothing but a sense that merged the remnants of both, the sense of congratulation upon the greatest victory he had ever demanded of himself: that Lillian had walked out of the hotel suite alive.
  • There were two planes on the edge of the airfield: one, the half charred remnant of a wreck, not worth salvaging for scrap-the other, a Dwight Sanders monoplane, brand-new, the kind of ship that men were pleading for, in vain, all over the country.
  • She was hurrying down the remnants of abandoned rails, down the long, dark corridors twisting through granite.
  • They still love their lives-and that is the uncorrupted remnant of their minds.
  • He saw a sagging barn, the rusted tower of a water wheel, and the remnant of a tractor lying upturned with its treads in the air.
  • Their eyes were veiling over, but the remnant look of a wound was a cry for help.
  • It was like the remnant of clarity in the street around him, with the haze rolling in to fill all exits.
  • Of all that irretrievable splendor, I’m only one remnant, the last, What will you do, you and your People’s Globe, after you’ve finished me?
  • He was the station’s chief engineer, and it was odd to see a look of primitive terror struggling against his remnant of civilized control.
  • This wish-which you share, yet submerge as an evil-is the only remnant of the good within you, but it is a wish one must learn to deserve.
  • But to those of you who still retain a remnant of the dignity and will to love one’s life, I am offering the chance to make a choice.
  • You speak some remnant of a human language, so in the name of that, I’ll tell you that I have no hope left, but I have the knowledge that when the end comes, I will have lived by my own standards, even while I was the only one to whom they remained valid.
  • But the easy, gliding circles went on dropping, toward a ground she could not see and dared not think of…. Like remnants of broken jaws, strings of granite dentures stood between her ship and his; she could not tell what lay at the bottom of his spiral motion.
  • A reddish haze of heat hung over the shapes of the town in the distance, and the shapes seemed to sag under a rusty tinge; above their roofs, she saw the remnant of a crumbled smokestack.
  • Dagny, whoever among them had any remnant of human perceptiveness would know that you’re not one of them, that you’re their last link to me, and would not let you out of his sight-or the sight of his spies.
  • She went past the locked iron door where the remnant of his motor was still hidden, she did not stop, but a faint shudder was her answer to the sudden glimpse of the unity and logic in the events of the last two years.
  • The walls of the street around him had the stressed, unnatural clarity of a summer twilight, while an orange haze filled the channels of intersections and veiled the tiers of roofs, leaving him on a shrinking remnant of ground.
  • His feelings become his only guide, his only remnant of personal identity, he clings to them with ferocious possessivenessand whatever thinking he does is devoted to the struggle of hiding from himself that the nature of his feelings is terror.
  • While the strength of her body was gone, while her mind had lost the faculty of consciousness, a single emotion drew on her remnants of energy, of understanding, of judgment, of control, leaving her nothing to resist it with or to direct it, making her unable to desire, only to feel, reducing her to a mere sensation-a static sensation without start or goal.
  • He was looking at the image of a sight he had seen in Minnesota: the silhouette of an abandoned factory, with the light of the sunset streaming, unopposed, through the holes of its windows and the cracks of its roof, with the remnant of a sign: Ward Harvester Company.
  • Whoever you are, you who are hearing me now, I am speaking to whatever living remnant is left uncorrupted within you, to the remnant of the human, to your mind, and I say: There is a morality of reason, a morality proper to man, and Man’s Life is its standard of value.
  • Whoever you are, you who are hearing me now, I am speaking to whatever living remnant is left uncorrupted within you, to the remnant of the human, to your mind, and I say: There is a morality of reason, a morality proper to man, and Man’s Life is its standard of value.
  • His face held the remnant of a smile, and they knew that he was not seeing them any longer, but it was not in their power to know why his smile now seemed to hold pain and an almost wistful longing, or why he was looking across the room, at the niche of the farthest window.
  • She thought that one could build a hydroelectric plant, just large enough to supply the power for her cabin and for the town of Woodstock-Woodstock could be made to be productive-those wild apple trees she saw in such unusual numbers among the dense growth on the hillsides, were the remnants of orchards-suppose one were to reclaim them, then build a small spur to the nearest railroad-oh, stop it!
  • Sure, I could pretend-and I wouldn’t save your economy or your system, nothing will save them now-but I’d perish and what you’d win would be what you’ve always won in the past: a postponement, one more stay of execution, for another year-or month-bought at the price of whatever hope and effort might still be squeezed out of the best of the human remnants left around you, including me.
  • …thought that the magnificence of a world where men could afford the time and the effortless concern for such things as starched napkins and tinkling ice cubes, offered to travelers along with their meals for the price of a few dollars, was a remnant of the age when the sustenance of one’s life had not been made a crime and a meal had not been a matter of running a race with death-a remnant which was soon to vanish, like the white filling station on the edge of the weeds of the jungle.
  • …thought that the magnificence of a world where men could afford the time and the effortless concern for such things as starched napkins and tinkling ice cubes, offered to travelers along with their meals for the price of a few dollars, was a remnant of the age when the sustenance of one’s life had not been made a crime and a meal had not been a matter of running a race with death-a remnant which was soon to vanish, like the white filling station on the edge of the weeds of the jungle.
  • …with gelatin eyes, rubber voices, spiral-shaped convictions, noncommittal souls and non-committing hands, she had held, as her life line and oxygen tube, the thought of a superlative achievement of the human mind-if, at the sight of the motor’s remnant, in a sudden gasp of suffocation, as a last protest from his corruption-eaten lungs, Dr. Stadler had cried for something, not to look down at, but up to, and this had been the cry, the longing and the fuel of her life-if she had moved,…
  • …had once been free to achieve-she saw the homes built in scattered privacy, the small shops, the wide streets with electric lighting, like a few luminous strokes criss-crossed on the black sheet of the wastelands-she saw the ghosts between, the remnants of towns, the skeletons of factories with crumbling smokestacks, the corpses of shops with broken panes, the slanting poles with shreds of wire-she saw a sudden blaze, the rare sight of a gas station, a glittering white island of glass…
  • To the struggling remnants of rational honesty in the twisted, bewildered minds of your children, you declare that you can offer no rational argument to support the ideas that created this country, that there is no rational justification for freedom, for property, for justice, for rights, that they rest on a mystical insight and can be accepted only on faith, that in reason and logic the enemy is right, but faith is superior to reason.
  • The best leadership of the country, that stood about in nervous clusters, had the look of a remnant sale in a bankrupt store: she saw Wesley Mouch, Eugene Lawson, Chick Morrison, Tinky Holloway, Dr. Floyd Ferris, Dr. Simon Pritchett, Ma Chalmers, Fred Kinnan, and a seedy handful of businessmen among whom the half-scared, half-flattered figure of Mr. Mowen of the Amalgamated Switch and Signal Company was, incredibly, intended to represent an industrial tycoon.
  • …first meeting: he, the man of violent energy and passionate ambition, the man of achievement, lighted by the flame of his success and flung into the midst of those pretentious ashes who called themselves an intellectual elite, the burned out remnants of undigested culture, feeding on the afterglow of the minds of others, offering their denial of the mind as their only claim to distinction, and a craving to control the world as their only lust-she, the woman hanger-on of that elite,…
  • There were no signal lights, no switches, no telephone wires, nothing but a long band of wooden strips left on the ground-a chain of ties without rail, like the remnant of a spine-and, as its lonely guardian, at an abandoned grade crossing, a pole with slanted arms saying: "Stop.
  • Look-" He pointed at a plant fighting upward from under the weight of a rock-a long, gnarled stem, contorted by an unnatural struggle, with drooping, yellow remnants of unformed leaves and a single green shoot thrust upward to the sun with the desperation of a last, spent, inadequate effort.
  • As distant remnants of the explosion’s wreckage, she noticed a sound that came from Jim, part-moan, part-scream, part-growl-then the sight of Jim’s shoulders shaking over a telephone and his distorted voice screaming, "But, Rodrigo, you said it was safe!
  • We must all pull together as a team to carry our railroad through this desperate emergency," A gray-haired man of patrician bearing, who had remained silent throughout the session, with a look of the quietly bitter knowledge that the entire performance was futile, glanced at Dagny in a way which would have been sympathy had he still felt a remnant of hope.
  • He rose abruptly, but stopped to glance down at the broken remnant and said, with a chuckle that was not gay, "There was the motor for the John Galt Line."
  • …it, have nothing to sacrifice, and those who have, are not willing any longer-when men see that neither their hearts nor their muscles can save them, but the mind they damned is not there to answer then: screams for help-when they collapse as they must, as men without mind-when they have no pretense of authority left, no remnant of law, no trace of morality, no hope, no food and no way to obtain it-when they collapse and the road is clear-then we’ll come back to rebuild the world.

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  • They are working to eliminate remnants of al-Qaeda in that area.
  • remnants of the ancient civilization

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