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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • Now he saw that in postponing this moment for hours, he had not been guilty of evasion: he had not thought of it, because there was nothing to think.
  • The bum had stopped him and asked for a dime, then had gone on talking, as if to kill that moment and postpone the problem of the next.
  • She had left the office earlier than, she intended, unable to summon the effort for any task that could be postponed till morning.
  • She had made an appointment to see Eugene Lawson, but she had told herself that she would cancel it and postpone her quest-if she could think of some action to take against the things she had found on her return to New York, the things Eddie begged her to fight.
  • …. The order for copper, which he had placed six months ago, had not been delivered, the promised date had been postponed three tunes-"We can’t help it, Mr. Rearden"-he had to find another company to deal with, the supply of copper was becoming increasingly uncertain…… Philip did not smile, when he looked up in the midst of a speech he was making to some friend of their mother’s, about some organization he had joined, but there was something that suggested a smile of superiority in the…
  • Sure, I could pretend-and I wouldn’t save your economy or your system, nothing will save them now-but I’d perish and what you’d win would be what you’ve always won in the past: a postponement, one more stay of execution, for another year-or month-bought at the price of whatever hope and effort might still be squeezed out of the best of the human remnants left around you, including me.

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  • Due to her illness, we postponed our vacation for a week.
  • Let’s postpone the test.

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