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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • The dinner was served by a silent figure in a white jacket, the only other inhabitant of the house, an elderly Indian with a stony face and a courteous manner.
  • The inhabitants of New York had never had to be aware of the weather.
  • While it was true that such areas offered little economic incentive at present, a public-spirited railroad, it was said, would undertake to provide transportation for the struggling inhabitants, since the prime purpose of a railroad was public service, not profit.
  • …left in existence, that he would have liked a job in the research laboratory of some big industrial concern-"But which one of them can afford to undertake any long-range work nowadays, and why should they?"-so when the Utah Institute of Technology was closed for lack of funds, he had remained there as night watchman and sole inhabitant of the place; the salary was sufficient to pay for his needs-and the Institute’s laboratory was there, intact, for his own private, undisturbed use.
  • Well, one of them is a professor of economics who couldn’t get a job outside, because he taught that you can’t consume more than you have produced-one is a professor of history who couldn’t get a job because he taught that the inhabitants of slums were not the men who made this country-and one is a professor of psychology who couldn’t get a job because he taught that men are capable of thinking.
  • The shaft of red smoke that shot to the sky on the night of January 22 and stood abnormally still for a while, like a solemn memorial obelisk, then wavered and swept back and forth across the sky, like a searchlight sending some undecipherable message, then went out as abruptly as it had come, marked the end of Rearden Steel-but the inhabitants of the area did not know it.

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  • What will traffic be like if the city has twice as many inhabitants?
  • The inhabitants of the village were very friendly.

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