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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • Not to inquire about my aims, motives or desires is an essential part of their theory.
  • I think it was the intent and purpose of the National Alliance of Railroads to protect the essential systems, not the jerkwaters of North Dakota.
  • That factory was essential to the region, absolutely essential.
  • That factory was essential to the region, absolutely essential.
  • Isn’t that my most essential duty?
  • So the government had to assume control and impose oil rationing on the country, in order to protect the essential enterprises.
  • Why don’t we apply for a special permission on the ground of essential need?
  • Your friends are pretty important people, big businessmen, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get away with the essential need dodge.
  • It’s an Essential Need project, and secret, too.
  • Nobody has ever refused to sell an essential commodity to the government.
  • He felt that there was some connection between the two secrets, some essential connection which he had to discover.
  • Essential-to whom?
  • Well, I think that a railroad like Taggart Transcontinental is essential to the national welfare and it is one’s public duty to support Jim’s Minnesota branch line, which is running at a deficit.
  • I couldn’t even pay the bills I owed for the absolutely essential modernizing and redecorating which I’d had to do —that factory was disgracefully old-fashioned from the standpoint of human efficiency.
  • The office suited him; it contained nothing but the few pieces of furniture he needed, all of them harshly simplified down to their essential purpose, all of them exorbitantly expensive in the quality of materials and the skill of design.
  • Essentially-the same as yours, Jim.
  • A small but most essentially needed raise.
  • It was as if the life he had been about to renounce were given back to him by the two essentials he needed: by his food and by the presence of a rational being.
  • Then, Wesley Mouch had issued another directive, which ruled that people could get their bonds "defrozen" upon a plea of "essential need": the government would purchase the bonds, if it found the proof of the need satisfactory.
  • But don’t you see that the essential error is the same?
  • "Pleasure is not an essential of existence," wrote Bertram Scudder.
  • By special permit, exceptions were granted-on the grounds of "essential need"-to a few of the larger business enterprises and the more fashionable hotels.
  • The order that lay on his desk was marked "Confidential …. Emergency …. Priority …. Essential need certified by office of Top Co-ordinator …. for the account of Project X"-and demanded that he sell ten thousand tons of Rearden Metal to the State Science Institute.
  • Then it was said that large, established railroad systems were essential to the public welfare; and that the collapse of one of them would be a national catastrophe; and that if one such system had happened to sustain a crushing loss in a public-spirited attempt to contribute to international good will, it was entitled to public support to help it survive the blow.
  • It’s most crucially essential!
  • An essential point of the plan is that we will grant no increase in wages to the steel workers, in spite of their insistent demands.
  • On the slopes around them, the tall, dark pyramids of firs stood immovably straight, in masculine simplicity, like sculpture reduced to an essential form, and they clashed with the complex, feminine, over detailed lace-work of the birch leaves trembling in the sun.
  • It’s essential!
  • The editorial said that at a time of dwindling production, shrinking markets and vanishing opportunities to make a living, it was unfair to let one man hoard several business enterprises, while others had none; it was destructive to let a few corner all the resources, leaving others no chance; competition was essential to society, and it was society’s duty to see that no competitor ever rose beyond the range of anybody who wanted to compete with him.
  • She saw a few pieces of furniture made by hand, a ceiling of bare rafters, an archway open upon a small kitchen with rough shelves, a bare wooden table and the astonishing sight of chromium glittering on an electric stove; the place had the primitive simplicity of a frontiersman’s cabin, reduced to essential necessities, but reduced with a super-modern skill.
  • He knew also that Boyle was not the cause of it or the essential to consider, that Boyle was only a chance rider, not the builder, of the infernal machine that had destroyed the world, that it was not Boyle who had made it possible, nor any of the men in this room.
  • The ego you seek, that essential ’you’ which you cannot express or define, is not your emotions or inarticulate dreams, but your intellect, that judge of your supreme tribunal whom you’ve impeached in order to drift at the mercy of any stray shyster you describe as your ’feeling.’
  • The trail approached its end when she heard the pinch-lipped voice of a public relations, woman in a Washington office, saying resentfully over the telephone wire, "Well, after all, it is a matter of opinion whether wheat is essential to a nation’s welfarethere are those of more progressive views who feel that the soybean is, perhaps, of far greater value"-and then, by noon, she stood in the middle of her office, knowing that the freight cars intended for the wheat of Minnesota had…
  • …taxes detrimental to national taxes, we’ll negotiate an equitable arrangement immediatelybut in the meantime, if you have been disturbed by any unpatriotic rumors about the California oil companies, I just wanted to tell you that Rearden Steel has been placed in the top category of essential need, with first claim upon any oil available anywhere in the nation, very top category, Mr. Rearden-so I just wanted you to know that you won’t have to worry about the problem of fuel this winter!
  • …to him and to her, then dragging the rest of his years through the waste of the unreached and unfulfilled —she, turning for consolation to a second choice, faking a love she did not feel, being willing to fake, since her will to self-deceit was the essential required for Galt’s self-sacrifice, then living out her years in hopeless longing, accepting, as relief for an unhealing wound, some moments of weary affection, plus the tenet that love is futile and happiness is not to be found on…
  • "It is not essential whether you can afford it or not," said Taggart coldly, "You have to be prepared to make some sacrifices.
  • "I’m inclined to think," said Dr. Ferris hastily, "that Point Two, perhaps, is the most essential one of all at present.
  • And, of course, an increase in freight rates will have to be granted to the country’s railroads-let’s say, seven per cent, roughly speaking-in view of the absolutely essential need for-" Holloway stopped, like a player emerging from a whirlwind activity to notice suddenly that no opponent was answering his shots.

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  • The essential feature of the pen is that it writes so consistently.
  • I carry all the essential tools and materials I need in this toolbox.

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