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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • She knew that the superintendent of the Ohio Division was no good and that he was a friend of James Taggart.
  • Kellogg was still too young to be made superintendent of a division; she had wanted to give him another year, but there was no time to wait.
  • It’s the post of Superintendent of the Ohio Division.
  • His father was sending him to Montana as assistant superintendent of a d’Anconia mine.
  • He picked up the telephone receiver and asked for his superintendent.
  • They were the superintendent of the Colorado Division and Nealy’s chief engineer, who had remained on the job.
  • Rearden read it and glanced up at the superintendent of his mills who stood before him without moving.
  • The superintendent had come in and put the order down on his desk without a word.
  • Gwen Ives and the superintendent looked at him, at each other and back at him again; what he saw in their eyes was congratulation.
  • The superintendent followed.
  • I said I want a report from all superintendents on every foot of rail and every piece of equipment available on their divisions.
  • We lost our best engineers, superintendents, foremen and highest skilled workers.
  • The superintendent of the Colorado Division quit.
  • The station agent was a husky, surly drifter who had been assigned to the job ten days ago, by order of the new division superintendent.
  • Locey pushed Mitchum into the first job that came up-superintendent of the Colorado Division-when the man holding it quit without notice.
  • He’s the division superintendent at Silver Springs.
  • I should bother with a division superintendent!
  • Get the division superintendent.
  • I have a superintendent 77!
  • The order stated that he was to send the Comet through "safely"-wasn’t a division superintendent expected to know what was safe?-"and without unnecessary delay."
  • The night dispatcher of the Division Headquarters at Silver Springs listened to the message, then telephoned Dave Mitchum, the new superintendent of the Colorado Division.
  • If the time came to answer questions, wouldn’t Mr. Locey gasp in shocked indignation that he had expected a division superintendent to know that only a Diesel engine could be meant in that order?
  • The superintendent took one to run down to Laurel, and the other’s in the shops, been there for weeks, and the switch engine jumped a rail this morning, they’ll be working on her till tomorrow afternoon.
  • The superintendent, the chief metallurgist, the chief engineer, Rearden’s secretary, even the hospital doctor!
  • There were waiting lines years’ long for the jobs of janitors, greasers, porters and bus boys; there was no one to apply for the jobs of executives, managers, superintendents, engineers.
  • Then he saw that he was lying on a couch in a modern, sternly gracious room-then, he realized that it was his office and that the two men standing beside him were the mills’ doctor and the superintendent.
  • The most efficient of the executives, mineralogists, engineers, superintendents have vanished-all the men upon whom the People’s State had been counting to carry on the work and cushion the process of readjustment.
  • He was back at his desk, speaking to his superintendent on one phone and to his purchasing manager on another, checking every date and ton of ore on hand-he could not leave to chance or to another person the possibility of a single hour’s delay in the flow of a furnace: it was the last of the rail for the John Galt Line that was being poured-when the buzzer rang and Miss Ives’ voice announced that his mother was outside, demanding to see him.
  • …they were sober or glazing into an imbecile stare if they weren’t, and pretend that he noticed neither, and strain to think of something to say to them, when he had nothing to say —while he needed hours of inquiry to find a successor for the superintendent of his rolling mills who had resigned suddenly, without explanation-he had to do it at once-men of that sort were so hard to find-and if anything happened to break the flow of the rolling mills-it was the Taggart rail that was being…
  • But they went to their usual posts and went on with their habitual routine, pulling levers, pressing buttons, feeding leather into automatic cutters, piling boxes on a moving belt, wondering, as the hours went by, why they did not catch sight of the foreman, or the superintendent, or the general manager, or the company president.
  • …men who did not seem to function as they had in the days of his cousin Kenneth; the men had become listless and sloppy, he said, because they were exhausted by the harsh discipline of the former management; he could not help it if some of the superintendents and foremen had quit him without reason, men who had been with the company for ten to twenty years; he could not help it if there seemed to be some friction between his workers and his new supervisory staff, even though the new men…
  • It was the emotion he had felt when, at the age of fourteen, he had looked at his first pay check-when, at the age of twenty-four, he had been made superintendent of the ore mines-when, as the owner of the mines, he had placed, in his own name, his first order for new equipment from the best concern of the time, Twentieth Century Motorsan emotion of solemn, joyous excitement, the sense of winning his place in a world he respected and earning the recognition of men he admired.
  • "Look," he said, reaching for the telephone, "let me check with my superintendent and see just what we’re pouring in the next few weeks.
  • The only physical result of it was an order that went over the wires to Dave Mitchum, superintendent of the Colorado Division: "Give an engine to Mr. Chalmers at once.
  • (’Send out orders that the Comet is to stop at every division point," she said, "and that all division superintendents are to prepare for me a report on-" He glanced up-then his glance stopped and he did not hear the rest of the words.
  • "Okay," he said indifferently, "then let my mills superintendent buy it.
  • It’s all over," said the superintendent, waving at the mills beyond the window.
  • I’ll take care of the place," said the superintendent, as the doctor hurried out.
  • I don’t know what to do," said the assistant superintendent of an oil refinery, refusing to accept the job of the superintendent who had vanished-and the agents of the Unification Board were unable to tell whether he lied or not.
  • I don’t know what to do," said the assistant superintendent of an oil refinery, refusing to accept the job of the superintendent who had vanished-and the agents of the Unification Board were unable to tell whether he lied or not.
  • "I refused them …. I ran out of the office …. I ran to look for the superintendent …. to tell him everything …. but I couldn’t find him …. and then I heard shots at the main gate and I knew it had started …. I tried to phone your home …. the phone wires were cut …. I ran to get my car, I wanted to reach you or a policeman or a newspaper or somebody …. but they must have been following me …. that’s when they shot me …. in the parking lot …. from behind …. all I remember is falling and…
  • Well, you know, with the kind of Spic superintendent they have down there, I couldn’t understand half of what he was talking about, but they’re certainly busy.

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  • Our superintendent was surprisingly good in the faculty-student basketball game.
  • He shook hands with them and then everybody sat down on chairs, and a gentleman in spectacles – they found afterwards that he was the District Superintendent – began quite a long speech – very clever indeed.
    Edith Nesbit  --  The Railway Children

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