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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • She had ordered him out of her office, and had sat in incredulous horror before the fact that the most vicious statement she had ever heard had been uttered in a tone of moral righteousness.
  • Where was their righteousness now?
  • I will not help you to preserve an appearance of righteousness where rights are not recognized.
  • This is the horror which Robin Hood immortalized as an ideal of righteousness.
  • So you have no right to any righteous indignation against them.
  • Through all the years past, his consideration for them had brought him nothing but their maliciously righteous reproaches.
  • Hadn’t we always been told that this was righteous and just?
  • That night, at the Twentieth Century meeting, when I heard an unspeakable evil being spoken in a tone of moral righteousness, I saw the root of the world’s tragedy, the key to it and the solution.
  • Mr. Weatherby’s tone had a kind of placid righteousness, as if he were reciting a formula required to convey another meaning, clear to all of them; he was looking straight at Taggart, in special emphasis of the unstated.
  • That phrase about the evil of money, which you mouth with such righteous recklessness, comes from a time when wealth was produced by the labor of slaves-slaves who repeated the motions once discovered by somebody’s mind and left unimproved for centuries.
  • There was no answer, then Lawson cried suddenly, blindly, righteously, "In time of national peril, it is your duty to serve, suffer and work for the salvation of the country!"
  • "To be loved for!" he said, his voice grating with mockery and righteousness.
  • "Is that what you-" Philip started with automatic righteousness, but stopped and did not finish.
  • I’m sick of having to put on an act for your righteous satisfaction!
  • Then, suddenly, he felt the blinding surge of a desperate, righteous anger.
  • If an honest person asks them: ’How?’-they answer with righteous scorn that a ’how’ is the concept of vulgar realists; the concept of superior spirits is ’Somehow.’
  • Only the dark walls of the slums remained in his memory, the rain of an autumn evening, and the righteous malice of the man’s mouth, a small mouth stretched to yell into the darkness: "…. the noblest ideal-that man live for the sake of his brothers, that the strong work for the weak, that he who has ability serve him who hasn’t …." Then he saw the boy who had been Hank Rearden at eighteen.
  • At first, I kept wondering how it could be possible that the educated, the cultured, the famous men of the world could make a mistake of this size and preach, as righteousness, this sort of abomination-when five minutes of thought should have told them what would happen if somebody tried to practice what they preached.
  • There it was-he thought, looking at his family-the nature of their pleas for mercy, the logic of those feelings they so righteously proclaimed as non-logical-there was the simple, brutal essence of all men who speak of being able to feel without thought and of placing mercy over justice.
  • In a world that proclaims the non-existence of the mind, the moral righteousness of rule by brute force, the penalizing of the competent in favor of the incompetent, the sacrifice of the best to the worst —in such a world, the best have to turn against society and have to become its deadliest enemies.
  • Men had been pushed into a pit where, shouting that man is his brother’s keeper, each was devouring his neighbor and was being devoured by his neighbor’s brother, each was proclaiming the righteousness of the unearned and wondering who was stripping the skin off his back, each was devouring himself, while screaming in terror that some unknowable evil was destroying the earth.
  • That’s very unfair of you," he said; there was a dry little note of righteous reproach in his voice.
  • But not knowing any values of their own, they abandon the quest to know-in the darkness of their hopeless indignation, which is righteous without knowledge of the right, and passionate without knowledge of desire, they concede to you the power of reality and surrender the incentives of their mind-and they perish in bitter futility, as rebels who never learned the object of their rebellion, as lovers who never discovered their love.
  • Her head was drawn into her shoulders, and the righteous bitterness of her voice seemed to push the words upward at his tall, straight figure: "That’s your cruelty, that’s what’s mean and selfish about you.
  • He had to start this train; in the name of some victory that he could not name, he had to start the engine, moving, Past the stage of thinking, calculation or fear, moved by some righteous defiance, he was pulling levers at random, he was jerking the throttle back and forth, he was stepping on the dead man’s pedal, which was dead, he was groping to distinguish the form of some vision that seemed both distant and close, knowing only that his desperate battle was fed by that vision and…
  • I don’t like your attitude," said Boyle, in a sudden tone of righteousness, with a look which, in a barroom, would have signified a prelude to a fist fight.
  • She talked economics, instead of glamor, for press interviews, in the belligerently righteous style of a third-rate tabloid; her economics consisted of the assertion that "we’ve got to help the poor.
  • "It was a difficult decision to make," he said, with a moist, unfocused look of righteousness, to the panic-stricken president of the Atlantic Southern, "but I weighed the fact that you’re a rich corporation, while the people of Germany are in a state of unspeakable misery.
  • …passed to cripple me, because I was successful, and to help my competitors, because they were loafing failures-I saw the labor unions who won every claim against me, by reason of my ability to make their livelihood possible-I saw that any man’s desire for money he could not earn was regarded as a righteous wish, but if he earned it, it was damned as greed-I saw the politicians who winked at me, telling me not to worry, because I could just work a little harder and outsmart them all.

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  • extremism fed by unquestioned belief in the righteousness of their cause
  • Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.
    James Bryce

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