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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • I was prominently connected, at various times, with enterprises manufacturing surgical appliances, paper containers, men’s hats and vacuum cleaners.
  • A few people stood in clusters on the half-deserted platform; animated conversations seemed to be going on, and newspapers were more prominently in evidence than usual.
  • His face was cut by prominent cheekbones and by a few sharp lines; they were not the lines of age, he had always had them: this had made him look old at twenty, and young now, at forty-five.
  • A group of seats at the side of the courtroom was reserved for the prominent visitors who had come from New York to witness the trial.
  • His mouth was the one part of him which he could not pull tight at any time; it was uncomfortably prominent in his lean face, attracting the eyes of any listener: when he spoke, the movement ran through his lower lip, twisting its moist flesh into extraneous contortions of its own.
  • It’s supposed to be disastrous for public morale, if any prominent person quits, and Jim doesn’t want them to know that he’s got a deserter right in his own family…… But that’s not all.
  • The wording of the paragraph suggested that her disappearance had been a prominent public issue, not yet dropped.
  • He’s got a radio program where he interviews prominent public figures, it’s a national hookup, he has a large following, he reaches over twenty million people.
  • The camera was roving over the ballroom, flashing to the screen and to the country the faces of the prominent guests, the faces of the tensely watchful leaders and-once in a while-the face of John Galt.
  • She had been placed at a table prominent enough to display her to the assembly, but obscure enough to keep her out of the line of Galt’s sight, along with those who had incurred Galt’s disfavor: with Dr. Ferris and Eugene Lawson.
  • There will be, I think, a few old-fashioned bastards here and there who’ll refuse to sign-but they won’t be prominent enough to make a noise, nobody will hear about it, their own communities and friends will turn against them for their being selfish, so it won’t give us any trouble.

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  • She is a prominent member of our community.
  • The committee has many prominent members, so its findings will be respected.

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