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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • That’s what undermines the morale of an organization.
  • We had to have morale, didn’t we?
  • The editor had refused; he had stated that it would be bad for the country’s morale.
  • It’s supposed to be disastrous for public morale, if any prominent person quits, and Jim doesn’t want them to know that he’s got a deserter right in his own family…… But that’s not all.
  • It’s the fellows who go around doubting and destroying our morale, it’s they who’re keeping us in shortages and misery.
  • It would have a great influence on them, it would buttress their confidence, it would help their morale.
  • The office of the Morale Conditioner has-
  • The Morale Conditioner-that’s Chick Morrison-has called me three times, to make sure that nothing would go wrong.
  • The morale conditioners were shrieking what they guessed they thought Mr. Mouch would think.
  • It will break the last of the country’s morale and economy!
  • Half a dozen of Chick Morrison’s morale conditioners went scurrying off toward telephones.
  • We must preserve our discipline, our morale, our unity and our sense of broad-minded tolerance.
  • Chick Morrison attempted a whistle-stop tour to buttress the country’s morale by speeches on self-sacrifice for the general welfare.
  • It’s considered most importanton the highest levels, I mean Chick Morrison and Wesley Mouch and Mr. Thompson, as high as that-that you should make a speech to the nation, a morale-building speech, you know, saying that you haven’t quit.
  • It was 7:50 when Chick Morrison, the Morale Conditioner, who seemed to be in charge, cried, "AH right, boys and girls, all right, let’s take our places!" waving a bunch of notepaper, like a baton, toward the light-flooded circle of armchairs.
  • But five million dollars was being spent by the office of Morale Conditioning on the People’s Opera Company, which traveled through the country, giving free performances to people who, on one meal a day, could not afford the energy to walk to the opera house.
  • Two husky men walked by his sides; they were from the department of Morale Conditioning, but did not trouble to hide what method of conditioning they would welcome a chance to employ, "Just remember Mr. Thompson’s orders," one of them told him contemptuously.
  • …time that Danagger Coal was late in delivering fuel to Taggart Transcontinental, in the last week of December, Danagger’s cousin explained that he could not help it; he had had to cut the workday down to six hours, he said, in order to raise the morale of the men who did not seem to function as they had in the days of his cousin Kenneth; the men had become listless and sloppy, he said, because they were exhausted by the harsh discipline of the former management; he could not help it if…
  • From across the street, Chick Morrison, the Morale Conditioneron his way to a conference on the fifty-ninth floor-noted that the rare, lethargic passers-by were not taking the trouble to glance at the guards, as they did not take the trouble to glance at the soggy headlines of a pile of unsold newspapers on the stand of a ragged, shivering vendor: "John Galt Promises Prosperity."
  • She had called a meeting of the Terminal track laborers for the alleged purpose of boosting their morale, she had held the meeting twice, to face all the men in turn-she had repeated the same unintelligible speech, feeling a stab of shame at the empty generalities she uttered and, together, a stab of pride that it did not matter to her any longer-she had looked at the exhausted, brutalized faces of men who did not care whether they were ordered to work or to listen to meaningless…
  • The newspapers, like puppets on tangled strings, were shouting with the same belligerence and on the same dates: "It is social treason to ascribe too much importance to Hank Rearden’s desertion and to undermine public morale by the old-fashioned belief that an individual can be of any significance to society.
  • Mr. Chick Morrison of Washington, whoever the hell he is, has gone on a speaking tour of the whole country-to speak about the directive and build up the people’s morale, as things are getting to be pretty wild everywhere.

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  • Troop morale improved after a warm meal and a good night’s sleep.
  • Her management style has been great for employee morale.

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