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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • Dagny turned to her, answering in the formal, inflectionless monotone of a business executive, "There have been no cases of raider gang attacks upon frozen trains-unfortunately."
  • "I know," she answered; her voice was a lifeless monotone.
  • She spoke in a flat monotone, as if reciting her thoughts to herself, intent upon giving the solid identity of words to the torturous shreds of chaos twisting in her mind.
  • She did not answer at once; when she did, the sound of despair was present in her voice only in the form of too tight a monotone: "Eddie, if I quit, what would happen to the Taggart trains?"
  • Her voice had the even, dripping monotone of rain: "I can’t answer the kind of questions you’re asking, my girl.
  • He had added, in the monotone of reciting some impersonal, statistical report, "The newspapers are yelling that coal is now the most crucial commodity in the country.
  • She showed no emotion, but her voice had the intense monotone of a prayer: "Francisco . if he could live through that night, what right have I to complain?
  • You’ve got to get there, Kip," said the man ominously, in that stubborn monotone of the unthinking which asserts an end without concern for the means.

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  • with an expressionless face and a monotone voice
  • The quiet, dreary monotone in which he habitually spoke quickened a little under his present excitement.
    Wilkie Collins  --  My Lady’s Money

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