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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • Boyle did not catch the tone of mockery, and answered earnestly,
  • She came closer and, with an amused smile that seemed to mock them both, she slipped her arms around him.
  • They stood looking at each other: hers was a glance of admiration, his of mockery; but it was not the mockery of malice-it was the laughter of a salute.
  • Taggart asked slowly, his voice half-mocking, half-cautious, "What did my sister say?"
  • They stood looking at each other: hers was a glance of admiration, his of mockery; but it was not the mockery of malice-it was the laughter of a salute.
  • Francisco smiled; it was a smile of radiant mockery.
  • It was the mocking, challenging smile of a brilliant intelligence.
  • His voice was mocking.
  • He listened silently, looking at her for the first time with that glance of unmoving mockery which he reserved for others, a glance that seemed to see too much.
  • There was no mockery, no amusement, no antagonism; it was as if he did not belong in these particular moments of existence and could not be reached.
  • There was no mockery in their answers now, no bitterness.
  • "What were you excited about?" asked Dagny, her eyes narrowed in mockery.
  • She smiled, in understanding, in answering mockery.
  • He smiled, and she knew that the smile was intended to break the bond which he, too, had felt: the smile had a trace of courteous mockery.
  • The voice was so innocently smooth that Dr. Stadler could not decide whether this was mockery.
  • She would see the strange expressions on their faces and Jim watching them with a hint of mockery in his eyes.
  • She saw Francisco’s mocking glance again, across the net of a tennis court.
  • It was a mocking glance that seemed to see straight through her clothes and through her mind.
  • He was looking at her with a kind of stressed curiosity; his eyes were mocking.
  • She saw him smile for the first time, a slow, mocking, sensual smile that stressed the purpose of his action.
  • She laughed soundlessly, her laughter mocking, but her eyes half-closed, veiled with pleasure.
  • He lay still, looking up at her, his eyes narrowed, the bright flicker of some particular interest in his eyes, intent and faintly mocking.
  • Her eyes were half-closed in the mocking, conscious triumph of being admired, but her mouth was half-open in helpless, begging expectation.
  • There was the faint suggestion of a contemptuous smile in his face, at once admitting and mocking his knowledge of her hours of impatience and his own.
  • She did not answer, she looked at him, her eyes dark and oddly brilliant, and he saw that the shape of her mouth, distorted by pain, was the shape of a mocking smile.
  • She spoke little; she had an air of mystery that seemed to tell him he would never break through her proud detachment, and an air of amusement, mocking her own desire and his.
  • Resting on the belief that self-mockery is an act of virtue, the shrug was the emotional equivalent of the sentence: You’re Robert Stadler, don’t act like a high-school neurotic.
  • But from the sunset far at the end of the street, yellow glints caught his eyes, and the eyes looked straight at Eddie Willers, mocking and still-as if the question had been addressed to the causeless uneasiness within him.
  • There was neither mockery nor self-pity in Francisco’s face; the fine, sculptured planes and the clear, blue eyes held a quiet composure, the face was open, offered to any blow, unflinching.
  • There was no sign of tragedy, no bitterness, no tension-only the radiant mockery, matured and stressed, the look of dangerously unpredictable amusement, and the great, guiltless serenity of spirit.
  • Love is blind, they say; sex is impervious to reason and mocks the power of all philosophers.
  • She braced her feet to stop the dizziness, she held her head straight and stood facing him in the consciousness of a new power, feeling herself his equal for the first time, looking at him with a mocking smile of triumph.
  • She would sit on the floor of her room, surrounded by charts and blueprints, she would hear a knock at her door and snap, "I’m busy!" then hear a mocking voice ask, "Are you?" and leap to her feet to throw the door open, to find him standing there.
  • There was the faintest coating of mockery spread, like shellac, over the smooth notes of her voice.
  • He was smiling at her, half in mockery, half in compassion.
  • He smiled, not looking at her; it was a mocking smile, but it was a smile of pain and the mockery was directed at himself.
  • Her composure returned, with the faint suggestion of a smile of secret mockery.
  • Dr. Akston shrugged, spreading his hands in a gesture of helpless self-mockery.
  • He smiled, not looking at her; it was a mocking smile, but it was a smile of pain and the mockery was directed at himself.
  • As if stressing and mocking her loneliness, a voice came back to her mind: "But you would not run trains if they were empty."
  • She glanced at him in astonishment; he had never paid her open compliments of that kind; the admiration in his voice was genuine, but the hint of mockery remained in his face, and she felt as if he were speaking to some purpose which she could not guess.
  • He had expected a look of triumph, of mockery at all the insults Francisco had heard from him, a look demanding the apology he was joyously eager to offer.
  • She smiled at him, as at a fellow conspirator, in relief, in deliverance, in radiant mockery of all the things she would never have to consider important again.
  • An angry spark flashed in Taggart’s veiled eyes, then his eyelids narrowed slowly and he, too, leaned back in his chair, his face relaxing to a faint look of mockery and satisfaction.
  • Rearden could not decipher the expression of his face: it was only a look of peculiar stillness, as if his eyes were fixed on some secret vision of his own that drew his mouth into a line of desolate, bitter, hurting self-mockery.
  • Glancing at the paper, Rearden wondered whether it was a deliberate mockery of decency, or so low an estimate of their victims’ intelligence, that had made the designers of this paper print the text across a faint drawing of the Statue of Liberty.
  • "To be loved for!" he said, his voice grating with mockery and righteousness.
  • she told herself in mockery-not now!
  • To hold, as man’s sin, a fact not open to his choice is a mockery of morality.
  • To hold man’s nature as his sin is a mockery of nature.
  • To punish him for a crime he committed before he was born is a mockery of justice.
  • To hold him guilty in a matter where no innocence exists is a mockery of reason.
  • "What?" asked James Taggart; his voice had a note of dangerously reckless mockery; Lawson did not answer.
  • Do they want to live?-she thought in self-mockery.
  • She was startled to see him looking at her with a touch of derision, as if he were mocking her estimate of his understanding.
  • They were both performing an expected routine, a routine invented by someone and imposed upon them, performing it in mockery, in hatred, in defiling parody on its inventors.
  • Her teeth were bared in a smile, but she was staring past him, as if mocking some invisible presence, her smile lifeless, yet loud with malice, like the grin of a fleshless skull.
  • The mechanic was staring at Galt; he was holding Galt’s glance-and even he was able to recognize the nature of the sparkle in the dark green eyes; it was a sparkle of contemptuous mockery.
  • He raised his eyes slowly to hold hers across the room, and the submerged intensity that pulled his voice down, blurring its tone to softness, gave it a sound of self-mockery that was desperate and almost gentle: "Then I knew that abandoning my motor was not the hardest price I would have to pay for this strike."
  • But she knew-in self mockery, in bitterness, in longing-that this feeling was the sense of expectation she had felt at her first ball and at those rare times when she had wanted the outward beauty of existence to match its inner splendor.
  • The deep burgundy color of her gown was unbecoming, it seemed to draw a purplish tinge out of her skin, a tinge that gathered, like twilight, in the small gullies of her face, softening her flesh to a texture of tired slackness, changing her look of bright mockery into a look of stale malice.
  • Lillian, I don’t think that Henry is having a good time," he said, smiling; one could not tell whether the mockery of his smile was directed at Lillian or at Rearden.
  • Do you still need proof that I’m always waiting for you?" she asked, leaning obediently back in her chair; her voice was neither tender nor pleading, but bright and mocking.
  • …of physical pleasure, but it contained her worship of him, of everything that was his person and his life-from the night of the mass meeting in a factory in Wisconsin, to the Atlantis of a valley hidden in the Rocky Mountains, to the triumphant mockery of the green eyes of the superlative intelligence above a worker’s figure at the foot of the tower-it contained her pride in herself and that it should be she whom he had chosen as his mirror, that it should be her body which was now…
  • I’m not able ever to despise you enough to believe that you mean it" The look on her face astonished him more than all the rest: it was a look of defeat and yet of an odd, sly, cynical cunning, as if, for a moment, she held some worldly wisdom that mocked his innocence.
  • And to Sebastian d’Anconia?" she asked-then regretted it, because it had sounded like mockery, which she had not intended.
  • I see that you’re in your office just the same," he said; his voice was mocking, harsh and tense.
  • The mockery of his voice was in its seriousness-and she threw at him defiantly, not smiling, as if daring him to continue pretending that he did not understand: "All right.
  • You wouldn’t be committing yourself to anything-" He said it involuntarily, and stopped, hearing a bright, mocking stab of life in Rearden’s voice, an unpromising-sound, as Rearden answered: "I know it."
  • And in answer to the earth that flew to meet her, she heard in her mind, as her mockery at fate, as her cry of defiance, the words of the sentence she hated-the words of defeat, of despair and of a plea for help: "Oh hell!

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  • I will not permit the defendant to make a mockery of this trial.
  • Abuses at Abu Ghraib made a mockery of American idealism.

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