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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • She had turned to go, when he spoke again-and what he said seemed bewilderingly irrelevant.
  • Nobody ever wondered whether Francisco d’Anconia was good-looking or not; it seemed irrelevant; when he entered a room, it was impossible to look at anyone else.
  • My approval or disapproval would be irrelevant.
  • I did not intend to discuss any . irrelevant subject.
  • That is irrelevant.
  • But they had all known that there was no way; ingenuity was a virtue of the mind-and in the issue confronting them, the mind had been discarded as irrelevant long ago.
  • It was as if the centuries had sifted the family’s qualities through a fine mesh, had discarded the irrelevant, the inconsequential, the weak, and had let nothing through except pure talent; as if chance, for once, had achieved an entity devoid of the accidental.
  • The thought seemed irrelevant.
  • She looked at him without astonishment; she did not find the words irrelevant.
  • "What was that talk you had with Dick Horton before he quit?" the road foreman asked too innocently, as if the subject were irrelevant.
  • The shock she felt was not disappointment, it was more like the sensation that disappointment would now be irrelevant.
  • He listened, as if it were irrelevant, and then he uttered the thing from which he had to recover, "But we thought you were dead."
  • That a doctor should have any right, desire or choice in the matter, was regarded as irrelevant selfishness; his is not to choose, they said, only ’to serve.’
  • At the first sign of trouble, he calls me into his office and asks me-casually, in the midst of the most irrelevant drivel-what Miss Taggart used to do in such an emergency.
  • A hint of the smile remained in his features at all times, particularly when he listened; it was a look of good-natured amusement, as if he were swiftly and patiently discarding the irrelevant in the words he heard and going straight to the point a moment ahead of the speaker.
  • There were traces of tears in Eddie’s eyes, but he made no attempt to hide them, he stood straight, as if the tears or any embarrassment or any apology for them were as irrelevant to him as to her.
  • But the transparent blouse, the open collar, the hair falling down to the shoulders that seemed innocently naked under a thin film of cloth, made her look like a schoolgirl, not an invalid, and her posture made the bandages look irrelevant.
  • She boarded a Taggart train for the nearest airfield; she did not identify herself to anyone: it seemed irrelevant.
  • Her words, when she looked at him again, astonished him as completely irrelevant.
  • She glanced at him: the statement was so oddly perceptive and so incongruously irrelevant.
  • The two men glanced at each other, as if such a question were irrelevant in this place.
  • "For the better, of course," he answered impatiently, as if it were irrelevant; his voice seemed to lose its fire and to slip into the fraudulent sound of duty.
  • I’d like to see how your students will be able to keep their mind on the subject and how you’ll answer the sort of irrelevant questions I won’t blame them for wanting to ask you.
  • It took them a few stunned seconds to grasp it, while the cheerful, thumping chords went goose-stepping through the silence, sounding grotesquely irrelevant, like the mirth of a half-wit.
  • Instead, she saw him slumping and heard him say-terrifyingly, because his words were so irrelevant, if he did not understand, and so monstrous, if he did, "Dagny, I’m your brother ." She drew herself up, her muscles growing rigid, as if she were about to face a killer’s gun.
  • They seemed to regard it as their rightful prerogative; they acted as if the purpose of the procedure were not to try a case, but to give them jobs, as if their jobs were to recite the appropriate formulas with no responsibility to know what the formulas accomplished, as if a courtroom were the one place where questions of right and wrong were irrelevant and they, the men in charge of dispensing justice, were safely wise enough to know that no justice existed.
  • Mr. Weatherby had not answered his pleas, but had said, in a tone of idly irrelevant speculation, "Wesley has so many tough problems.
  • He was watching the performance of track and train with an expert’s intensity of professional interest; his bearing suggested that he would kick aside, as irrelevant, any thought such as ’They like it," when the thought ringing in his mind was "It works!"

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  • The sentence should be deleted because it introduces information that is irrelevant to the passage.
  • The writer should deleted the sentence because it provides background information that is irrelevant to the paragraph.

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