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Atlas Shrugged
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Atlas Shrugged
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  • " ’You don’t have to worry, Hank," said Larkin, with that incomprehensible, insistent note of pleading in his voice.
  • But all the members had heard of it; it had been discussed privately for a long tune, and more insistently in the last few months.
  • He did not speak, because his consciousness was held, not by coherent statements, but by two pictures that seemed to glare at him insistently.
  • "It is this insistence of man upon meaning that makes him so difficult," said Dr. Pritchett.
  • A screeching sound, neither quite bell nor buzzer, rang out suddenly and went on ringing with nerve-grating insistence.
  • When Dagny left the Board room and walked through the clean, cold air of the streets, she heard two words repeated clearly, insistently in the numbed emptiness of her mind: Get out . Get out . Get out.
  • He held her, pressing the length of his body against hers with a tense, purposeful insistence, his hand moving over her breasts as if he were learning a proprietor’s intimacy with her body, a shocking intimacy that needed no consent from her, no permission.
  • It’s the most insufferable form of vanity, this insistence on always doing right.
  • Nobody opposed him, but he went on with a shrill, pleading insistence.
  • "I am eager to know your views," he was saying insistently, as she looked away.
  • An essential point of the plan is that we will grant no increase in wages to the steel workers, in spite of their insistent demands.
  • Taggart’s voice had the flat, insistent sound of an effort to maintain a trance.
  • His mind had repeated insistently that his motive was terror of Mr. Thompson’s gang, that he was not safe among them any longer, that his plan was a practical necessity.
  • There was a dim tone of panic in her voice, but it was the stale panic of chronic helplessness, not the sound of an emergency-except for an odd echo of fear in her mechanical insistence.
  • There had been times when an unsummoned vision-a sight of the valley-had seemed to rise before her, not as a sudden appearance, but as a constant, hidden presence that suddenly chose to assume an insistent reality.
  • Rearden stood studying him silently; there was something peculiar in Philip’s manner of sliding toward questions, as if his words were accidental, but the too casual, the faintly Insistent questions were the key to his purpose.
  • The calendar in the sky seemed to stand insistently out of the haze, yellow like a page of old parchment, saying: August 5, No-he thought, in answer to things he had not named-it was not true, he felt fine, that’s why he wanted to do something tonight.
  • It was the knowledge that neither their marriage nor his love for her nor his insistence on holding her nor his love for that other woman nor this gratuitous adultery had any meaning whatever, that there was no shred of sense in any of it and no use to grope for explanations.
  • He was searching for the wreck of her plane, he had not given up, and whatever the three weeks of it had cost him, whatever he felt, the only evidence he would give to the world and his only answer was this steady, insistent, monotonous drone of a motor carrying a fragile craft over every deadly foot of an inaccessible chain of mountains.
  • He looked up at Rearden, and repeated with a kind of stressed insistence, as if discharging a painful moral duty, "Hank, it’s very important.
  • She felt certain that it was not the country’s panic he wanted to stave off, but his own-that he, and Chick Morrison and Wesley Mouch and all the rest of the looting crew needed her sanction, not to reassure their victims, but to reassure themselves, though the allegedly crafty, the allegedly practical idea of deluding their victims was the only identification they gave to their own motive and their hysterical insistence.
  • You would-" Taggart went on speaking with feverish insistence, but Mr. Thompson could not tell whether Galt was listening: Galt had risen and was pacing the room, not in a manner of restlessness, but in the casual manner of a man enjoying the motion of his own body.

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  • We questioned her repeatedly and she remained insistent that she knew nothing of the event.
  • Every day, I hear the bluejay’s insistent cry.

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